Why “Purposeful Events”?

Purposeful Events… in this life, there is so much more than just random happenings. Ever notice how you can go from 1 day to 3 years later and wonder where the time has gone, and what’s the purpose? God has given us life, these precious days and He asks us to make them count, He calls us to be intentional. There is a higher calling, a higher purpose, a kingdom perspective that drives us forward.

As a married couple and as a family, we have tried to live our lives intentionally, recognizing that there is so much more to this life, than just the day to day, and also in the day to day there is something more to be seen in the mundane. When we married over 13 years ago, we began to put together a family plan, our goals for our lives in many areas and facets of life, our spiritual walk with the Lord, our marriage, our children, our ministry, our community, our physical health, our finances. As we think of where we want to be 30 years from now (happily married, serving the Lord, children who love the Lord), there are steps today that can be taken to this, intentions for what should happen weekly/monthly/yearly in order for that to be reality.

Much of our lives over these last 13 years point to these purposeful events or building stones – choosing where we live intentionally, the church we are a part of, the ministry we get the privilege to be a part of, the 4 beautiful children in our home, our community of friends who we do life with, sharing and being vulnerable and transparent about our weaknesses, strengths, struggles in marriage or in raising our kids. All of these are part of the fabric of our lives, the beautiful tapestry being woven for His glory.

So, why do we share this now? Well, partly because we have not used this website to share any part of our life over the last several years! As life got busier, especially when our children were so little, this got put on the back burner. But as we enter another part of our journey, we thought it was time to ‘revive’ this and share our heart for this website. So what is this new journey? Next post coming soon…


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