Our Dream… And Plan

Early last summer (2016), a dream was hatched. It started while driving back from a camping trip with some amazing friends. Driving back home in our Westie, we had one of those conversations, that starts something like this, “Wouldn’t it be so cool, if…?” And a dream was birthed…

Throughout that summer as we got out more often now that our little’s were 4 years old, we continued to hatch this dream – to talk about the whys, the purpose, what would this “accomplish” or add to our family. As we continued to dream, this thought came back to us over and over. We prayed, we sought God and asked if this could be our reality. With faith we have started to put the plan to the dream. And here’s the dream/plan.

We are taking a 14-month road-trip journey throughout the USA as a family! For many of you who we see on a regular basis, this is not new news. You have heard us mention this, heard some initial thoughts, reasons, etc. But for others, you’re saying, “What!?!?!” We’d love to share our heart for this.

  1. Travel – we love to travel, to see new places, God’s amazing creation, new places, new cultures (and even in the US, there are many different cultures to encounter)
  2. We want our children to experience more than our wonderful, albeit very sheltered, comfortable Monument, CO.
  3. Our children, are only loaned to us for a short time. God has placed them in our home and we are thankful. We know they will grow up all too soon, and will live their own lives, elsewhere. These 14 months we will have an incredible amount of time as just as our family (and yes, we know that in itself brings some challenges!)
  4. We want a bonding and attachment with our children that is rich, secure and trustworthy. We were blessed with our 2 youngest kids coming to our home through adoption. If you don’t know this story, you can read more about it here. With adoption, there is incredible loss. One of the heartbreaking pieces in our family is that there are times we still sense a need for them to know, that they know, that they know that they are loved and cherished, by us as parents and even more so by God, our loving Father. We want to embrace these 14 months as an environmentally rich time for growing those bonds and attachment even more. We want their hearts.
  5. Our two older boys are 10 ½ and almost 9. They just don’t get any younger, do they… We will be entering their teen years all too soon, and as is natural, they will begin to be more and more independent of us, as they become more and more dependent on Him. We want this time to be meaningful times of bonding with family.
  6. We understand and recognize that not all families have an opportunity for something like this, but we have a somewhat unique situation. Jay can work from anywhere – his business just goes with us. We have loved the flexibility of this over these last several years.
  7. The last few years we have begun homeschooling. Each year has looked different. Noah and Micah the first year, the next year, Noah and Makda, this year Noah and Jonah. While on the road, I will homeschool all four.

Our curriculum has gone chronologically from Creation and currently we are discussing the fall of the Roman Empire. When we begin this road trip we will be covering the Exploration (of North America) to the 1850’s. We will be able to travel around the states and have a rich experience with our studies.

Did you know that 4th graders in the US get themselves (and the vehicle they are in) through all national parks free? We will have one 4th grader.

So when are we doing this??? Our desire is to be ready to pull out of Colorado mid-May 2018. Six months from now… this dream, has a plan… with many details we are now in the midst of. Our hope is to share some of them with you as we go throughout this time! Maybe it will encourage you, inspire you to look at your own purposeful/intentional journey. Maybe it will just cause you to pray for us more! And maybe, it means we get to see you while on the road!


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