Mirembe House – Uganda Africa

Mirembe House is a Crisis Pregnancy centre located in Kampala, Uganda. This centre is run under the auspices Youth for Christ Uganda.

This ministry evolved out of an initiative of Youth For Christ International (YFCI) and seeks the total involvement of youth in life crisis issues. It is the only centre in Uganda that cares for all aspects surrounding pregnant girls. The pregnancy rate in Uganda is the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently there are 3 million teenage girls; it is estimated that 1 in 3 will become pregnant this year alone. In many cases these pregnancies are the result of incest or rape. Other cases occur as a result of girls who are unable to be educated (due to finances or family circumstances) – many girls feel pressured to find a man who will care for them.

In the summer of 2006 our church sent a team of 40 people to Uganda Africa on a short term missions trip to partner with Youth for Christ in various projects. As many of you know, we had traveled to Uganda prior to the team going. While there, we were able to visit and do some prep work for many of the projects that the team took part in. Watch the video that Jay put together for a glimpse of how God used this team in Uganda, Africa. You can contact us to learn more.


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