Musings from our Family

So many random thoughts about life right now that I thought I’d share just a few…

#1 We can’t believe we’ve already been on the road 5 months. In some ways it feels so quick and other times we can’t believe we’ve been gone this long from Colorado!

#2 When you bring your family, and bring your own bed, your own coffee cup and coffee percolator, it sure feels like home just goes with you everywhere you go.

#3 No matter how much time we spend in a particular state or place we always know there’s more that could have been seen and there’s still so much to explore in America.

#4 I miss having my freezer stocked with meals ready to go.

#5 We had no idea we’d find community on the road. We left amazing community in Colorado and we’ll look forward to that on the return, but we are also thankful for meeting families that are also on the road long-term. At least three or four families we have now seen at three different campgrounds. The kids have friends to play with and us adults have someone to chat with and connect with outside of our own family nucleus. We know many of these families we will see again in the next several weeks. Community is at the heart of our Hartwell family and always has been so this has been a joy to find while on the road as well.

#6 I will be so thankful for a dishwasher when we get home.

Things that make us smile and our hearts a little more full

#1 One child recently shares that he is so thankful to be on the road because he has met all these new friends.

#2 Another child recently says, “When I’m an adult and have children I’m going to take a road trip also so that they can have all these wonderful experiences”.

#3 One child says, “It’s going to be strange to go back home. Right now we get to constantly experience new things and meet new people, back home it will all just be the same ordinary things to see and do”.

We know we have acclimated to being a ‘full-time RVing family’ when

#1 We know that Thursday and Friday bring the weekenders to the campground and we look forward to Sunday evenings when it’s quiet again.

#2 When a camper is pulling in next to you and your kids say, oh look new neighbors!

#3 When you tell your children today’s drive will be about 3 hours and they say… oh that’s short!

#4 When you pull up to a new campsite and your kids ask – do we have full hook ups? Oh and what about cable?

#5 You begin to plan for your time in Ethiopia in November and realize you don’t have a suitcase… because we never need one anymore – it all comes with us.

#6 You wake up in the middle of the night and try to remember what state you’re in.

#7 One child says, I miss our old yard. Which is followed by me asking, “You mean, in Monument?” And the answer is no, at our last campground… 🙂

#8 When you call a campground and your first question is do you have wifi??? Sorry, someone’s got to pay the bills.

#9 When 5 people come running around their campers to give help as Jay drives through a tight spot to get to our site, and after watching him maneuver through it with ease, I overhear someone saying, “Well, this isn’t his first rodeo!!!”

#9 When the kids notice a bunch of spiders on the campground playground and they recommend that we call the exterminators to take care of them, and we have to remind them it’s not “our” playground or yard

#10 When your child is overheard talking to another child and says, oh we’re not camping, we’re living!

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