St Croix – US Virgin Islands

We spent our 2nd week of our honeymoon in St Croix – a quiet little island in the US Virgin Islands. The view overlooking our resort was breathtaking as we pulled up with rocky cliffs jutting out of the water along the beach.

We weren’t overly impressed with this island, but we managed to have a good time in spite of it. We drove around the island one day and discovered a rain forest. While riding through this we spotted 2 wild horses – it was really neat.

Another day we went to Buck Island to do some snorkeling and had a great time. On our boat ride out which only held about 12 people, we met a couple who was from Aurora, CO – who lives only about 2 miles from us!! How crazy to be on a little boat in the Atlantic Ocean and meet someone who lives so close!!! We’ve even got together with them a few times.

We took a tour of a Cruzan Rum factory. It was really interesting to see how it’s made – especially when we heard over 90% of it is made with rain water! That evening, our last evening of our honeymoon, we went to an incredible restaurant – the best on the island – The Sunset Grill. We had a little table on the beach facing west watching the sunset. We were so close to the beach that we even got a little splash from the water as it hit the little rocks around us.

The week went by fast and we made our way home to start our new lives together.


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