Spain – Malaga, Rota, Salamanca & More

What an incredible journey!

Our first week was spent in Malaga and Torremolinos serving a team from Liverpool, England who was on a family mission’s trip. The team was diverse in age and background with a goal to bring awareness of the purpose of missions, the day to day life as a missionary and to experience the service of God in a foreign country other than there own.

Our focus was to serve the guest house, also known as the Villa – to greet, talk with, encourage, serve and pray with the team. We cooked meals for 30 people each day, and at times journeyed with them to the surrounding areas including the public beach to minister to the locals.

The week quickly came to an end and we began our next journey. We visited the Alhambra, a Moorish castle from the 1400’s built in Granada, Spain when the Moroccans took over Spain for a short time. We then spent a day in Morocco which is easily accessible by a ferry ride that only lasts 30 minutes from the tip of Spain to the tip of Morocco. What a vast difference in cultures to experience in one day.

Our next journey took us to Chipiona to visit with friends that Kimberly’s family had met when her dad was stationed in Rota, serving in the Navy. They’ve known this family since 1976 when Kimberly was just a wee little girl. What a great time for Jay to get to know them and to experience the quaint town of Chipiona, Spain.

We then made our way over to Salamanca for our planned visit with our missionary friends, Kent & Belen, and their daughters, Lorena and Tanya. They have been missionaries in Spain for the last 12-14 years. During the Sunday morning service (which begins at noon and is considered Sunday school), we were both able to share for about 50 minutes with the congregation about the various ministries in Uganda and Kenya, Africa that we experienced last year. As a relatively new church with many new believers, it’s great for them to hear more about missions and how they can be actively involved. That evening (in the main service of the day), Jay was given the opportunity to preach for about 40 minutes, all through translation via Kent.

We met a lady at their church who was from California and had married a Spanish man. She was thrilled to see some Americans, as it has been a difficult transition for her. The following day, we met with her and just walked around the city for a couple of hours. Our time was refreshing with her and we hope that it was the same for her.

Our trip to Spain was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed it. If you ever need any information on Spain, or need some traveling companions – give us a call or shoot us an email!


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