Mexico – Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya, which is south of Cancun is where we spent our honeymoon, or at least the first week of our honeymoon! We spent our time at Xpu-Ha Palace Resorts which is an ecological park. This was a wonderful secluded all-inclusive resort with a nice beach, several swimming pools, snorkeling, kayaking, bikes to ride, your own bungalow which had a hammock on the big balcony, and a chaise lounge. Inside we had a huge whirlpool spa tub.

What a great way to spend a honeymoon – we highly recommend all-inclusives for a honeymoon. You can relax, have everything all at one place, meals, drinks, activities and even excursions are all included. Transportation from the hotel to the resort was included as well.

While we were there we were able to choose 2 excursions as part of the all-inclusive package. We spent one day at Tulum, which is an old Mayan ruin about 30 minutes away. It was like a mini-Chitzinitza. It was situated right on a cliff overlooking the coast.

The other excursion we went on was on the Isla Mujeres. They took us out on a boat to this little island which is known as the fertility god’s island. It’s only about 6 blocks long and 3 miles wide. We rented a go-cart for an hour to ride around, which actually had off-road tires to maneuver around the island.

We listened to a 2 hour time-share presentation for another resort and after doing so received a couple’s 80-minute massages in a gazebo overlooking the ocean! Talk about heavenly!! They also gave us passes to a theme park, X-Caret. They had this 45 minute lazy river ride through the natural landscaping and caves. It was also an eco park with all kinds of animals to see, you could take a ride with the dolphins, and learn some about the Mayan people.

We of course also made sure to enjoy our own resort the other several days. We rode our bikes around the resort, would go off and play some volleyball, sip a drink at the pools, and then ride around to see some of the animals (it was almost like having a zoo on the property as well). They had a honeymoon celebration one night – and there were probably 50 couples there!

One thing we found pretty neat was that we could take a free bus ride over to another Palace Resort only 10 minutes away – Adventura Spa Palace, and enjoy all that they had to offer as well as part of the all-inclusive package.

Needless to say we had a wonderful time – and are already making plans to go there for either our 5th anniversary or 10th. We definitely want to go back!!


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