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Christmas With All 4 Kiddos

Urgh… I typed this whole blog earlier and went to save it and our wireless connection went out…. Hours later, I’m hoping I can remember what I talked about…

What a sweet sweet Christmas this was! Last year, we (maybe I) went through the Advent season with a somewhat reluctant heart as my heart was just not OK with the whole thought of Advent – waiting with anticipation. We had been through a very rough year waiting for our next children and our hearts were just sad. This year… ahhh, our Advent season was so special – we got to celebrate with our FOUR children! It brought a new meaning to those who had waited for years and years to hear of the Messiah coming and for those of us now who wait for His return...

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Catching Up

So I think I’ll catch up on the last few months with photos. I kinda fell off the band-wagon when my computer died mid-October. Here are some from mid-October through November.

Click to see the photo gallery:

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Baby Dedication

The beginning of November we had a wonderful baby dedication celebration. Jay’s mom flew out from Florida to spend an extended 4-5 day weekend, and my parents came out from Kansas for 3 days to enjoy. Having our babies home 4 months now and feeling like they have done so well at bonding and attaching with us, the grandparents had a blast playing with the babies – and they are at such a fun age for playing!

On Sunday we went to church and had our family, grandparents and 4 very close family friends with us to be a part of this special time. One of our pastors at our church who is such a sweet friend of ours, who also dedicated Jonah to the Lord for us, was able to pray over our children and our family.

We came back to our house and had a great time of celebration and the twins enjoyed all t...

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Foto Friday 9-28


Wanna know what’s new in our house???

Peas – hmmm…

You lookin at me? What’s the problem – you gave me peas…

And I LIKE them!!!

It would be so nice to sit up

I did it!!! All by myself and I’m SO proud!

Come on! Let me grab it, mommy! Please….

Isn’t he just handsome?!?

And, I know I’m bias but isn’t she just beautiful!?!






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Micah and Makeda


Yes, I know, I know, I know I have not posted for quite some time about our sweet growing 6 month old babies. Life as you can imagine is just a tad busy. But oh, are they precious. We’ve been home 10 weeks and today they are exactly 6 months old.

And I’m sure what you most want is to see is photos – and I am all to happy to oblige as I think they are amazing!!

Yes, he is that serious about his food! And no, she does not want anything to do with solids!

Oh my!

Melt my heart!

It truly is amazing that we’ve been home for 10 weeks. In SO many ways we are all doing well! And there are also those days when life is just plain crazy and I think, God, you are SO going to have to give me strength, I’m exhausted!

We have begun taking our babies to church and they have done mostly well...

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Foto Friday 9-14


just a teaser – more to come about our sweet babies next week

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Jonah is in Pre-School


This season has truly had many changes. Twins came home in July, Noah started Kindergarten in August and now Jonah begins Pre-School. And at least at the moment we are doing all we can to embrace it. For my sweet Jonah however, the last two weeks have brought some big challenges. He now has a ‘schedule’ of some sort called pre-school and his teacher is “Mrs Mommy”, he now does not have his older brother around all the time (and he is fiercely loyal to him and dearly loves him), and he is now the ‘older’ child for a few hours when Noah is gone.

In regards to Noah being gone here are a few ways we have seen our boy have to adjust:

On the second day of school we are sitting in the long car line to pick up Noah...

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Noah is in Kindergarten


Really? Did I just say that? My sweet ‘baby’ boy is now 5 and in school! This summer has been a whirlwind with bringing home our sweet babies, and now we’ve entered the whirlwind of school supplies, school uniforms, snack bags for school, drop off and pick up in a huge car-line, and yes, even homework this last week.

After being in school for a short time here are a few of the things we have seen and heard.

On teacher meet and greet day after putting his supplies away, meeting his teacher and walking out the door Noah says, “Mommy and Daddy, when am I going to be able to go to kindergarten without you?” What a HUGE step for my sweet boy. A year ago we couldn’t even talk about the possibility of school without him emphatically stating that I would be his only teacher...

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Foto Friday 3-30


Don’t you just love the grainy look of old cell phone pictures?!?! Still an incredibly cute boy!!


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Foto Friday 3-23


My baby Noah Jay will become 5 years old in just 6 weeks. Not possible… So, in honor of my sweet guy – I’m going to post pics of him growing up for these next several weeks! Enjoy.

Love this little guy!

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