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Christmas With All 4 Kiddos

Urgh… I typed this whole blog earlier and went to save it and our wireless connection went out…. Hours later, I’m hoping I can remember what I talked about… What a sweet sweet Christmas this was! Last year, we (maybe I) went through the Advent season with a somewhat reluctant heart as my heart was

Thankfulness – Day 30

I am so thankful for our brains! Seriously! I am thankful for memory. There are of course many aspects of memory that help us throughout life, but specifically I’m thinking about the ability to hide God’s Word in our heart. I am so thankful to recall His words in times of trial, or joy. I

Thankfulness – Day 28

I am thankful for cars!! I can’t imagine when there were no cars or airplanes. I would definitely live a lot closer to home and family, which would be cool – but I love where I live. I am thankful I have the opportunity to drive and see family or fly and see family –

Thankfulness – Day 27

I’m glad God gave us the example of resting on the 7th day/7th year, holidays, feasts, rest, Sabbath and celebration. He doesn’t call us to rest ALL of the time – that would get boring. But He also doesn’t call us to work ALL the time – we need that reprieve. These times are special,

Thankfulness – Day 25

I am thankful for technology – I love being able to communicate with my friends and family members online – to see photos of my friends and family and show photos as well. At times it can be a distraction (like – pretty often), but I also want to use it wisely – and I’m

Thankfulness – Day 24

We are so thankful for my family. I grew up in a wonderful loving Godly home – and am thankful for my upbringing. For over 25 years our family has had the tradition of having all my dads side of the family over for Thanksgiving. Now that many of us cousins are married and have

Thankfulness – Day 23

We are so thankful for my husbands family. While they might live several states away our time with each other is precious each time we get together. Jay’s mom and dad are so generous, so loving and made sure that Jay was brought up with a great work ethic. We love you – and will

Thankfulness – Day 22

I am thankful for our home. A house where people feel welcomed, feel peaceful, feel the Holy Spirit living right here in our house. A house of joy, laughter, kids, family, love. A house with beds, bathrooms, food in the kitchen, running water. A house that is a refuge when we’re having tough times, sad