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Christmas With All 4 Kiddos

Urgh… I typed this whole blog earlier and went to save it and our wireless connection went out…. Hours later, I’m hoping I can remember what I talked about…

What a sweet sweet Christmas this was! Last year, we (maybe I) went through the Advent season with a somewhat reluctant heart as my heart was just not OK with the whole thought of Advent – waiting with anticipation. We had been through a very rough year waiting for our next children and our hearts were just sad. This year… ahhh, our Advent season was so special – we got to celebrate with our FOUR children! It brought a new meaning to those who had waited for years and years to hear of the Messiah coming and for those of us now who wait for His return...

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No Baby Yet

So we have passed Friday night, we’ve even passed Saturday night and it’s now Sunday morning! This baby is reminding us that it is in God’s timing – no matter how much we want to see’em now.

Tomorrow is the due date, and I really keep thinking this baby is coming before the due date. Noah came 23 1/2 hours before his due date and with him, we had no early ‘false’ signs. The day he came was the first day I felt contractions – and everything went from there. This one however, has given us pre-term labor almost 6 weeks ago, false labor on Wednesday night, and false labor on Friday night! Jay is beginning to think it’s a girl – who can’t seem to make up her mind on when to come. Hmmm…

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Any Day Now

So here’s the docs report:
Dilated to 3, completely effaced, station -1, cervix thinned completely, baby is way down low – basically she said that I’m absolutely ready – just not in labor and she’ll be amazed if I make it to my due date and don’t have this baby by tomorrow night!

Anxiously waiting!!!

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And… We’re Waiting

Our due date of January 12 is still sitting out there – reminding us that the baby is not late – just not here yet! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and we’ll see what they’re thinking. Just this afternoon I feel like the baby is coming in the next 24-48 hours – but who am I to say. God knows – and isn’t it amazing to think that He has it all planned out – even down to the very minute that this baby should enter this world!

In the meantime – we’ve added a fun video of Noah talking. He is so excited about talking that even when he might be fussing or crying, we can usually say, “Can you say…” and he’ll stop immediately to try out all these new words! I’m also hoping to get some more Christmas pictures added also in the next day – they’ll be under our Family section, Our Children.

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Firsts for Noah

It is just so much fun watching all the new things that Noah is learning. This morning he put 3 words together for the first time! Mmmm…Mommy…Pancakes. Not the most complete sentence, but it was so fun to hear – I just smiled at my growing boy. He’s also started walking up the stairs holding onto someone’s hand and the rail. Big boy!

One of the really sweet things he’s been doing the last several days is ‘cuddling’ with the baby car seat and rubbing it ever so gently, saying ‘baby’. He definitely does not understand all that is coming up, but is very gentle with the baby stuff and when he sees babies anywhere he’s so excited!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year! We have our big party here at our house tonight with approximately 40 people. We’re all looking forward to it!

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Formal Photos


Are they worth it? We have never actually taken Noah in for formal photo shots, so that should have been our first clue that it could be a challenge. Actually, the lady who took our photos for our wedding, needed some web redesign work, so we did a trade and she came to our house to get some shots of Noah, our family, and my growing belly!

Noah decided this day would be the day to refuse to do anything we tell him, AND he wanted NOTHING to do with mama. But with all that said, here are a few shots that didn’t turn out too bad. Little stinker!

Notice the nice bruise above his left eye!?!

One of Noah’s favorite toys!!

Noah is very fond of his ‘guitar’ also – and walks around strumming, singing, dancing and footstomping all at once! It’s a blast to watch!

And this is just a fun candid – ...

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