Three Weeks Home

Wow – what a whirlwind the last 3 weeks has been! The days seem to go on forever and are so long, and then I’m amazed at how fast 3 weeks has gone. There has been so much growth and change over the last few weeks and I’d love to share some highlights along with many pictures as I know that is what you want to see!!

Here’s what we’ve learned and where we’ve seen some progress!

daddy – doing devotions on the couch – but now with four


– the day after we got home Micah rolled over for the first time (they both tried all week in Ethiopia while I was with them, and I sat with a video camera hoping to catch the moment if Jay couldn’t be there to see it himself – and they never did)

– Micah is no longer sick! YEA – Which means no more congestion, runny nose and projectile vomiting!

– Micah will now eat 4-6 ounces of milk at one time (this is HUGE! The first week or so he would eat 1.5 – 2.5 oz and consider himself done – which means about 2 hours later he was ready for another bottle)

– For many of the 4 nights in Ethiopia and the first week home, Micah would wake up every 2 hours at night. Many times demanding a bottle, and other times waking up to cry for 2-3 hours at a time. This included rocking him, patting him, putting him in the crib and patting him, giving him a pacifier or a bottle nipple to suck on, putting him in bed with us and holding him – all while he continued to cry. Now – praise the Lord – he is waking up only 2-4 times in his 12 hour night shift, 2 times taking a bottle and the other 1-2 times rocking him and putting him back to sleep – in less than 30 minutes. This has definitely improved.

– Naps – he generally takes 2-3 naps a day. Much like bed time, this included crying 20-30 minutes just to get him to sleep, and then him waking in 45 minutes and needing us to repeat the rocking, cuddling, etc to get him back to sleep. Now he gets his 2-3 naps a day and in the last few days it’s only taken 3-7 minutes to get him to sleep, sometimes even without crying! During his long nap, he still wakes up in 45 minutes and we have to repeat – but it’s taking much less time to fall asleep.

– More on sleeping – there are now times when he will actually sit there while we rock him and sing to him and he will look up, smile, coo while we sing, and then fall to sleep. It’s absolutely precious to see the transformation in just a few weeks and that he feels more at peace!

– Waking – we have now had several times where he wakes up happy, talking to himself, and / or fusses a little and when we come to get him he stops and lights up with a big smile. Such improvement!

– After Micah’s one time of rolling over he didn’t budge for a week (he just wanted to beat sister!), now he’s moving all over the place!

– At 4 months old he is over 17 pounds and in the 85%. He’s 25.5 inches long which makes him in the 69%. And doc says there are some teeth up in the gums up top!


– the second day after we got home Makeda rolled over for the first time (LOVE that they waited till we got home to cross this milestone!)

– this girl loves her momma – we have all kinds of great eye contact and she has even been willing to stop sucking on a bottle to just look up at me and coo and smile

– Makeda has been a great sleeper – in a 12 hour segment at night she will wake up once or twice to take a bottle and then immediately goes back to sleep.

– Naps – she also generally takes 2-3 naps a day. For the first two weeks, she would sleep the whole time. Recently she has begun waking up 40 minutes into the nap and needing some more loving. Not sure if she’s just now working through some grief, but it is different.

– Sleeping – there are times when all we have to do is lay her down in bed before falling asleep and she’ll talk herself to sleep.

– The last few nights she has gone to bed (around 7) and woke up 40 minutes later screaming – and then it’s taken 15-30 minutes to put her back to sleep. Again, not sure if she’s just now working through some grief, but it’s tough to see her so sad.

– The day after brother rolled over, she rolled over and she’s been moving ever since!

– At the hotel in Ethiopia she could barely hold her head up while on her tummy. Now she proudly shows you that she can pull her whole neck and head up and hold her arms strong while looking around. She really does show a big proud smile when she does this!

– At 4 months old she is 15 lb 9 oz (the same weight Noah was at his 1 year appointment! :), and is in the 87%. She is an inch longer than brother which brings her to the 98% for girls in height!


– One of the very cute things about twins is how they love to touch each other. If you lay them on the blanket – it does not take long before they are holding hands, or have their arms linked.

– They’ve been on their tummies and have moved themselves around until their heads are next to each other – and they are happier than ever, even though their little heads keep bobbing up and down and hitting each other.

– We have watched both of them now look at each other with such adoration. It is so precious.

– Micah seems like a little protector of his sister, if she cries – he turns immediately to her and watches with concern.


– Jonah began the first few days indifferent to the newbies in the home. He’d occasionally walk over and say, I love you Micah, or I love you Makeda, and then walks over and doesn’t even really notice them for the next day.

– He’s had 2 nights where he needs mommy to ‘cuddle him to sleep’.

– He continues to find ways to get time with mommy and her hair 🙂

– He’s had a few more potty accidents 🙁

– And he’s beginning to share toys with the babies and take a little more notice of them!


– This boy loves his baby brother and sister!

– He wants to hold them

– He wants to feed them

– And, in his words, “it’s ok if they spit up on me, I can just change my shirt!” This is a big statement from the one who likes things clean!

– Huge helper – always willing to help where needed

– In the last couple of days he has really been asking for more mommy time

– And yet, when we talked about reading a couple of books, I gave him the option of reading when the twins were awake or while they were napping, he chose to have us read when they were awake because he thought they should hear the Jonah and the whale story with us


– We’re learning what it means to juggle

– In 3 weeks we have probably taken 10 walks. The above picture shows the most creative walk when daddy took the babies by himself.

– Sleeping – we have come up with the temporary plan (temporary meaning that these babies WILL sleep through the night hopefully sooner than later!). For four nights I take care of our little guy who wakes up more often and Jay takes care of sweet girl. Then for three nights – and over the weekend, we switch. Thus we each get some sleep throughout the week.

Jonah loves his cuddle time and loves momma’s hair. So during the day when Jay is working and both babies need a bottle at the same time – this is the method for feeding them, complete with Jonah nearby, sucking his two fingers and playing with momma’s hair!

We are blessed, we are blessed, we are blessed! Life is crazy right now and if you come by in the evening there is no guarantee that we’ll actually get to sit down and talk, as we are back and forth bringing one to bed, or putting one down again, or putting our big boys down. But, we wouldn’t change it! And yes, as we’ve often heard – this too will pass – but more importantly I don’t just want this to pass, we want to ENJOY because all too soon they will be so much bigger and on to the next stage of life. Praying that God will give us the rest we need to enjoy each precious moment!

Yes, my babies have now watched TV already – we have 2 Baby Einstein DVD’s and on occasion when, oh let’s say mom has the flu, or dad now has the flu…well, there are just times when I’m thankful fr the short films.


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