Surprise – We’re Pregnant – Gifford Family

We packed our bags and drove just 7 hours to Manhattan, Kansas.

This was a well anticipated trip because we had long expected news for Kimberly’s Mom & Dad who live in Manhatten – the little apple. I guess it wasn’t too long – just 2 years. As soon as we arrived, we got settled in with hugs and kisses then we just couldn’t wait. We ran into the back room, reached in our suitcase for the gifts we had bought for them and went out with our hands behind our backs.

Kimberly asked Mom – “Pick a hand?”

Jay asked Dad – “Pick a hand?”

With their picks, we presented them with a baby bib that said “Going to Grandma’s” and Kansas State baby clothing! How great it was to inform them that they are going to be 1st time grandparents!

We had a great time with them and had a great time talking about the soon-to-be new family member.


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