Micah and Makeda

Yes, I know, I know, I know I have not posted for quite some time about our sweet growing 6 month old babies. Life as you can imagine is just a tad busy. But oh, are they precious. We’ve been home 10 weeks and today they are exactly 6 months old.

And I’m sure what you most want is to see is photos – and I am all to happy to oblige as I think they are amazing!!

Yes, he is that serious about his food! And no, she does not want anything to do with solids!

Oh my!

Melt my heart!

It truly is amazing that we’ve been home for 10 weeks. In SO many ways we are all doing well! And there are also those days when life is just plain crazy and I think, God, you are SO going to have to give me strength, I’m exhausted!

We have begun taking our babies to church and they have done mostly well. Our second time there we had other things going on around the same time, and the babies did not do well. What is interesting though, is they do great, while out and about, it’s the aftermath where we get to see how they faired. Jay and I have thought about our times in Ethiopia with church short-term teams, and we’ve noticed regularly that people do great throughout the day while they are in the ‘thick of it’, and then in the evening when we have time to reflect on the highs and lows, this is when we really hear/see all that they experienced and are dealing with. It seems that when you’re able to step back that’s when you process all that has just gone on. I think this is what we’ve seen with our babies, and it makes sense considering we as adults often do this as well.

There have been a couple of times when we have sensed they are overstimulated and have canceled plans or just stayed home to give them a little break. One of the last times we were at church, we noticed they were doing well, but near the end Makeda began to be a little cranky. When we got home I immediately sat her on my lap and for the next 10-15 minutes played games with her, sung to her and just loved on her. This special close personal time seemed to prove beneficial as I laid her down afterwards and we had no problems the rest of the day.

About 2 weeks ago, I was going to the grocery store with Jonah, Micah and Makeda. A friend from church came up to me as I was getting us all out of the car (picture one in a car seat in the shopping cart, one sitting in the front of the shopping cart, and the other being worn by momma), and was SO gracious to help us out. She said she’d be happy to push a cart and help me get my groceries. I was so thankful! Well, we walked about 5 feet and Micah began crying. I quickly walked over, let him know that mommy is right here – and he stopped crying and just watched me closely. I CANNOT say how cool that was – my little boy knows I’m mommy!! What a huge step in this bonding/cocooning process.

In the last few weeks we have gradually let a few people hold our babies, namely – Mammie! She was SO excited to finally get her hands on these grandbabies – – –

Mammie now gets to hold these sweet babies!

In the midst of craziness I’m pretty sure I lost all coherency one day when Noah asked that I please allow his and Jonah’s neighborhood friends to come over and bake with us. Noah is great at making scones and so we chose to ‘teach’ our friends how you knead the dough and mix in our favorite ingredients. Seriously – for those of you out there who say, “I don’t like scones, they’re too dry”, you have got to try these! Best recipe – hands down. The kids loved them and so did their families. And yes, we survived making scones with 8 kids from 3-7 years old (somehow).


And here’s a few more photos – because I just can’t resist taking photos of these sweet precious kiddos of ours! Wow – I really do have 4 kids!

A common site – chewing on each other – hand/foot/leg/hair, it doesn’t matter!

This dress that Makeda is wearing was mine when I was little!

Somewhere along the way we have a picture of each child reading this Baby Einstein book!

Yes, I’m working on my headstand! 🙂

So how and what are they up to?

In regards to sleep, she sleeps up to 12 hours a night without waking probably half the time, the rest of the time she wakes up once. Micah surprised us with 1 night of sleeping 12.5 hours, and has never done it again. He has gone about 5-6 days at a time with only waking up once, but in general he prefers waking up twice. We actually don’t prefer this 🙂 and so we have begun ‘weaning’ him of this time. We went from 4 oz in his bottle each time, to 3 oz about a week ago, and just two nights ago brought it down to 2 oz. Our hope is that he will begin to think that’s it not worth waking up just for 2 oz and maybe he might sleep through… If that doesn’t quite work in another week or so we will go to just water, no formula and then re-evaluate. Her time up is still sporadic and I think she’s working on getting into a routine since she does sleep through the night so often. I remember it taking Noah about 5 weeks to continually sleep though the night and it took Jonah… a few years (he still wakes up about 1 time every week or two, walks in, receives some cuddle time and then happily goes back to bed).

About a month ago Makeda began getting up on her knees, and since then she has been rocking, balancing on one foot, one knee and hands, or just both feet and hands. She has still not actually crawled, but she does a great job of rocking and then lunging. Last week Micah began to get up on his knees and quickly picked up on the rocking bit, and in the last couple of days he’s now on both feet and hands also. If either of them crawl before this upcoming Sunday, they will break Noah’s record of crawling at 6 months and 5 days old.

Makeda got her first tooth Sept 6, Micah got his first tooth Sept 9 and yesterday Makeda got her second tooth. I truly can’t believe how fast they are growing. They are absolutely precious. Micah has this smile that just melts our heart and he is happy to share that smile with his brothers and sister, mom and dad, and even with some others. Makeda has been such a joy in how she will now reach out for me to just play with and hug. Both of them have these amazing giggles that just lights the room up.

We are in awe of how God has given us our sweet babies – we are still tired – we still stand back amazed that we have 4 children – and we are so in love!

What? I’m not getting into anything mom!

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