Jonah is in Pre-School

This season has truly had many changes. Twins came home in July, Noah started Kindergarten in August and now Jonah begins Pre-School. And at least at the moment we are doing all we can to embrace it. For my sweet Jonah however, the last two weeks have brought some big challenges. He now has a ‘schedule’ of some sort called pre-school and his teacher is “Mrs Mommy”, he now does not have his older brother around all the time (and he is fiercely loyal to him and dearly loves him), and he is now the ‘older’ child for a few hours when Noah is gone.

In regards to Noah being gone here are a few ways we have seen our boy have to adjust:

On the second day of school we are sitting in the long car line to pick up Noah. We have been in the line for about 20+ minutes when Jonah says, “Um, I’m kinda ready to get out of this (carseat).”  Amen, Jonah – momma’s ready to get out of the car line too!

On Noah’s third day of school Jay kept the twins home and I took Jonah to see where Noah went to school thinking that would be good for him to understand what Noah is doing. Bad choice momma, he cried almost all afternoon missing his brother Noah.

While picking up Noah from school with Daddy he says, “I’m really serious, I want my Noah”.

In regards to being big brother it’s been so fun to watch. He’s learned a little about what it means to ‘play’ with babies and it’s not uncommon for him to be found laying in between both on the floor singing to them or letting them chew on his fingers or even bring them a toy.

In regards to school… wow, am I, yes I, the one learning here. It’s absolutely amazing to see how different kids learn. Take my Noah for instance – hand him the book and he is excited and ready to do several worksheets and anxious to learn. Now take my sweet Jonah, and on the first day, I say, “Alright Jonah are you ready for some school?” And with a sweet sweet grin he clasps his hands, looks at mommy and says, “Noooo” with the sweetest voice. OH boy! Momma is having to do some improv’ and this is where I don’t always shine, but he says he wants to color a rainbow. So, we color a rainbow and then i begin giving him colors and he draws a line to the corresponding color.

The sheet in front of Jonah is several fruit laminated that name fruits of the Spirit. Noah and I learned these with sign language when he was 3 and started pre-school and now we’re using it for Jonah. The sign language is a fun way to learn them and Jonah seems to have a knack for memorization as we’ve seen over the last few months – and here is no exception.

So our learning for the most part has taking on a different approach – we or I should say, that I am learning what it means to take a hands on approach. We play with play doh and use our imaginations or we count how many green Larry the Cucumbers we have made. Or we go to the playroom and sort our toys by color. Or we walk through the house and find circles. Of course, we read books – but maybe we also read more books and choose how many things are red in a picture or how many triangles there are, or I Spy books.

We’re learning – we’re keeping it light – and we’re having fun. Oh I love my sweet boy.

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