Formal Photos

Are they worth it? We have never actually taken Noah in for formal photo shots, so that should have been our first clue that it could be a challenge. Actually, the lady who took our photos for our wedding, needed some web redesign work, so we did a trade and she came to our house to get some shots of Noah, our family, and my growing belly!

Noah decided this day would be the day to refuse to do anything we tell him, AND he wanted NOTHING to do with mama. But with all that said, here are a few shots that didn’t turn out too bad. Little stinker!

Notice the nice bruise above his left eye!?!

One of Noah’s favorite toys!!

Noah is very fond of his ‘guitar’ also – and walks around strumming, singing, dancing and footstomping all at once! It’s a blast to watch!

And this is just a fun candid – of me mentioning how I could not get him to cooperate to the photographer!

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