Come To Me

Today marks the 6 month anniversary since we got THE call for our twins! Yesterday, the twins turned 7 months old. And next week we will be able to say that the twins have been with us longer than they have been with everyone else combined.

Our babies are crawling! And with this, means that we get this indescribable joy of watching them crawl over to us just to get closer to us and be with us. That means they WANT to be with us! I love it! And I’m honored, humbled and overwhelmed some days at being their momma. But wow – I’m their momma and they actually WANT me! I’m sure it’s only a small glimpse of what it must be like for God as He waits for us to willingly, on our own, come to Him and then He scoops us up in His arms and pours His love over us.

My sweet babies are not only crawling but Makeda has also decided to pull herself up to a couple of things – namely the fireplace and stairs…not exactly the safest places. And both of them have pretty much determined that the plants MUST be the most amazing things they could possibly try to get their hands on. And they are determined. I’ll pull Micah away from one of our tall plants and put him in the middle of the floor, and in about oh… 21 seconds he is at a different plant, only to pull him away from that one and watch him go right back to the first plant. Did I mention determined???

They have loved exploring – and are no longer content in just being on the living room floor, so these days we find them in all parts of the house:

(under the kitchen table)

(What – I’m just in Daddy’s office?)

(OK – so if I can’t play with the plant next to the TV, I’ll just go behind the chair to the other plant!)

We continue to feel like we are settling in and adjusting to our new norm, just in time for a new nap schedule, eating solid foods… Makeda now sleeps almost every night from 630p-600a, and on occasion will wake up, cry a little, and we just need to pat/rub her back and she will fall back to sleep after a while. We’ve changed up what we’re doing with Micah at night and I definitely believe it’s helping. We put him down at 630p also and then we started giving him a 4 oz bottle at 1030p for a few nights and then moving it back by 15 minute increments. With that, we can get him to sleep until 600a. He’s now getting that 4 oz bottle at 930p and sleeping until 600a without waking up (most nights). Being able to get that sleep from 1000p-500a is such a blessing. I still don’t feel like i’ve got my brain back quite yet though.

In regards to cocooning/bonding/attaching, we have seen such great improvements and strides. We pretty much go wherever now – although we’ve only been in a few friends homes. We have gone on two dates leaving them with my mom one time and Tara the other time. We are starting to let others hold them – just a couple people at a time, and it’s been interesting to watch how they are tentative with some that maybe they haven’t seen quite as much as we thought they had, or other times when they are completely comfortable to go to someone else. We definitely see that Micah is the more easy going in this regard. As long as he can look around and see us, he’s pretty much OK> Makeda on the other hand, she has to be in the right mood, not tired… for her to be OK. And I’m OK with that. We are happy to hold on to them and see that bonding is going well. We have also noticed that when they have gotten mad at us they will not look us in the eye. He was upset the other day when i was changing his diaper and started swinging his arms, so I held them down and tried to talk soothingly to him – which only made him more mad and he’ll look the other way and refuse to look at me for a short time. She has also done the same like when not allowed to touch a plant or chew on it and I’ll keep pulling her away from it – after that she won’t want to make eye contact for a little bit. All in all though, we truly do feel things are going great and we are blessed to continue to see progress throughout each week.

love this look of hers as Noah tries to kiss her while she’s determined to keep moving!

Seriously – can you get any more beautiful!?!

Side note: I recently read Kisses from Katie, about a young girl 18 years old who moves to Uganda to care for the orphans and widows in their distress. And by the time she is 21 she has adopted 14 children and gets to be their momma! Her story has inspired me as a follower of Christ, as someone who has seen Uganda with it’s breath-taking beauty and heart-breaking poverty and as a mom (I can’t imagine having that many children!). The book is truly about all that God can do in and through us if we say Yes to His calling. If you have an opportunity to read it – check it out.



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