Christmas With All 4 Kiddos

Urgh… I typed this whole blog earlier and went to save it and our wireless connection went out…. Hours later, I’m hoping I can remember what I talked about…

What a sweet sweet Christmas this was! Last year, we (maybe I) went through the Advent season with a somewhat reluctant heart as my heart was just not OK with the whole thought of Advent – waiting with anticipation. We had been through a very rough year waiting for our next children and our hearts were just sad. This year… ahhh, our Advent season was so special – we got to celebrate with our FOUR children! It brought a new meaning to those who had waited for years and years to hear of the Messiah coming and for those of us now who wait for His return. Our December was a sweet time in our family (and let’s also be realistic – – – crazy – – – I have 4 children 5 and under!)

My parents had planned to come out to our house for a week to enjoy Christmas together, and the day before they were to come there was a knock on my door and my brother was standing there (with my parents)! What a joy! Uncle Scott (or Uncle Skunk as Noah first said) was so much fun to have around. We rarely get to be with my brother between Sept-Jan since he is an equipment director with a college – meaning, football, volleyball, basketball games – possible bowl games, practices, etc. We just never know if it’s possible from one year to the next. Well, the babies had never met him before and they loved him and Noah and Jonah love when he’s around. An uncle always knows how to make it fun – – – so he took them shopping to buy their own Christmas present, walking up and down the aisles, walking up and down the aisles, walking up and down the aisles till they finally make a choice! He took them to Chili’s for appetizers and to watch football games (I think there was a benefit here for him as well!). All in all – we just enjoyed having Uncle Skunk with us for the week!

We did a whole lot of nothing with family which was just what was needed. We played, and ate, wrestled with the kids, did Advent activities, played games, ate some more, sang and just relaxed! We went to the Christmas Eve service at church and afterwards Carol and Ben, some friends from church (and extra grandparents for the kids) came over for the evening. Christmas morning we sat near the Christmas tree and prayed together. I have to share this one sweet story. Jonah (almost 4 at the time) started off our prayer time and he prayed, and he prayed, and he prayed. He prayed for each family member by name – prayed that we would be healthy, thanked God for the gifts under the tree, prayed for our sponsor kids and then out of the blue prays that Micah and Makeda would be happy and healthy and have eternal life. Precious boy.

As I’m looking at the pictures below there’s a couple ‘random’ photos that I want to explain. A week before Christmas our trash man was coming by and Noah hurriedly asks me to get a can of Coke or a cookie or a muffin or something that we can give to the trash man. In the midst of changing a diaper I’m like, “Honey, I don’t think so – he’ll be gone by the time I’m done over here”. So we talked afterwards and Noah let me know that he really wanted to give the trash men something to say thank you. So, Monday morning, Christmas Eve I told Noah and Jonah that if they really wanted to do this, they could sit by the window and watch for when he comes and then they can run out with a can of Coke and a muffin or cookie. The boys gladly did so and promptly sat in the chairs in the dining room looking out the window for almost 1 whole hour waiting for them to come by, and then when they did – they went running. I have no idea where that thought came from but it was so sweet to see them excited to share something with the trash men and say thank you!

It was a wonderful Christmas!

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