Teachable moments from the bush

Exodus 4:10-12
Moses spoke to the Lord. He said, “Lord, I’ve never been a good speaker. And I haven’t gotten any better since you spoke to me. I don’t speak very well at all.” The LORD said to him, “Who makes a man able to talk? Who makes him unable to hear or speak? Who makes him able to see? Who makes him blind? It is I, the Lord. Now go. I will help you speak. I will teach you what to say.”

He will teach us what to say. In order to be taught, we must be teachable. Moses was insecure in his ability to speak. This was an area he was working on, judging from verse 10 “…And I haven’t gotten any better since you spoke to me.” We all have something that is hindering us from doing God’s call on our lives. We must “go to school” in order to learn. We must take action, get into the things we want to learn. How can we learn to speak better if we isolate ourselves from people to speak to? How can we learn to speak publicly, if we never seek opportunity to speak in public. Whatever the weakness is that you are working on, we need to “get out” and work on it. God will teach us. And at times He will place a burning bush in our path to get our attention. However, we need to be observant enough to look for it, to see it and to even recognize that it’s from the God who is the One who gives us the ability to speak, the ability to see, the author of life and all that is in life, that is coming to speak directly to you.


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