From Slavery to Free

Exodus 3:7-8
The LORD said, “I have seen my people suffer in Egypt. I have heard them cry out because of their slave drivers. I am concerned about their suffering. “So I have come down to save them from the Egyptians. I will bring them up out of that land. I will bring them into a good land. It has a lot of room. It is a land that has plenty of milk and honey.

We know what happened next, God used Moses to take His people out of Egypt on a journey to the promise land. God was concerned for them, He heard their cry and their groaning. The journey to the promise land wasn’t easy, there was more groaning and grumbling. Life was different from slavery to free. Changes took place in their lives, some invited it, some wanted to go back. There were new frustration, new experiences, new challenges, new life. One thing that was consistent through it all, God’s awesome presence was with them.


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