2013 Proverbs 31 translation

A translation of Proverbs 31:10-31 for 2013

It is so hard to find a good wife! When you find her, men…treat her as a precious jewel…because she is one!

A husband can completely trust a wife like this…he never has reason to regret the trust he has placed in her. She doesn’t nag at him and doesn’t keep a list of his mistakes he has to hold against him later.

She is a great home manager; she uses her skills and talents to truly make it home sweet home. She enjoys making the home special for all who live there. She is like a treasure hunter  & bargain finder when she is finding things to prepare her home.

She knows that the kids like cold pizza for breakfast and has allowed them to eat that when she really thinks they should be eating pancakes or eggs. She reminds them that they need to take the permission slip back to the teacher, that piano lessons are after school and that they need to bring lunch money because the account is empty.

She buys a dress for her daughter on clearance for 90% off and tells the daughter that if she agrees to the dress she’ll pay to have her hair done…she still comes out at least $50 ahead in the deal. The Mom is happy, the daughter is happy and the Daddy is happy.

She gets right to work everyday. There may be loads of laundry going at the same time that the dishwasher is being loaded while toilet-bowl cleaner soaks in the bathroom. She knows exactly what time tot leave the house to pick up the kids from carpool.

Once everyone is in bed she puts one more load of clothes in the machine, fills out the milk delivery order, writes six more emails, gets the check ready for the track shirt order that has to be turned in by Friday, gets a pound of ground meat out of the freezer to put in the fridge for tomorrow’s dinner and then puts on lingerie.

She can make a pilgrim costume out of only an old apron and a piece of black construction paper.

She is there to help when her friend calls to say that her car has broken down and she needs a ride. She sponsors a child in Zimbabwe.

She makes sure that the winter coats, hat, scarves, and gloves are there for the cold days and reminds the kids to actually wear them.

She knows when to shop the 50% off sales for her new dresses; she has her favorite resale and thrift shops, her family looks like a million bucks for just a few bucks.

Her husband is respected at work because on pot luck day…she sends in the best dishes, she makes sure his tie always matches his slacks, she brings him his lunch when he forgets it the day of an important meeting and she never disparages him in front of his contemporaries.

She looks through the closets and realizes that she should have a garage sale to pay for the most recent car repairs or that YMCA membership. She knows that this doesn’t have to come out of the family budget.

She tries to always dress in a way that makes her husband proud and reminds him that he is so glad he picked her. She smiles at him. Her words are full of wisdom and kindness.

She wears the manager pants at home but is also like a mother hen over her brood. She protects them but is never their maidservant. She teaches them to all be participants in the household.

Her children love her and think she is fabulous. Her husband thinks she is fabulous. They sing her praises but she in humble in their praise.

They tell her….You are the best mom ever…you are a shining star!

Her youth and beauty may leave her some day but the praises of her family will be a forever treasure. She has God…no one can ever take that away…He is her treasure.

Continue to shower her with gifts and praises…she deserves every bit of it!!!

Source: Jennie Hoglin

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