2nd Trip – Day 6

What a busy day – our last day in Ethiopia before heading home! Since Tara had never been to Ethiopia before and had pretty much only been in the hotel room, airport and Embassy office, I really wanted her to get out a little bit. So another adoptive family was going shopping and I made sure Tara went also to check everything out. With her being gone for 3 hours, another adoptive family there thought that since they had ‘only’ one baby, they’d come by and give me company for a little while in case I needed help with the twins. Thank you Boersma’s! Their sweet boy had been at Hannah’s Hope just a few weeks longer than our twins. They had a fun time playing with each other and being around other babies!

Shortly after they left to put their baby down for a nap, our friend Yoseph (who works with Compassion Int’l in Ethiopia and helps with all of our teams that come to Ethiopia) stopped by to see the twins. It was so much fun and meant so much to have him come by.

love this photo of Micah and Yoseph

About 10 minutes into Yoseph’s visit, the Bentley’s stopped by. A year ago when we reached the top of the waitlist, Brittany was 1 spot ahead of us. We’ve been in touch often throughout this journey and her and her family just moved to Addis Ababa for full time ministry. Check out their ministry. (I still can’t believe I didn’t get a photo with them!) It was so fun to meet in person and have a meal together with the Bentley’s and Yoseph.

At the end of our visit, Tara and the other family arrived from shopping and joined us. What a busy fun day – along with trying to pack our bags for the trip. It’s one of those things where you dread the long flight home but know that there is no way to get home until you do this flight! Our flight did not leave until almost 11p but in order to have a hope of getting bulkhead seats with bassinets we needed to arrive about 4 hours early. This was a crazy time of packing as we tried to figure out how much we would need on the flights – how many bottles, diapers, extra changes of clothes (for babies and adults! :), but finally we were ready. I’ll post about the journey home in another post – be ready for some laughs! 🙂


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