2nd Trip – Day 5

Today is our embassy day! The day the US recognizes our adoption as full and final!

I remember not long after Jonah was born that we would have an appointment and I would give ourselves a little extra time since there was one more child and then all of a sudden find myself rushing around because clearly I did not just need a ‘little’ extra time. 🙂 This morning, was a leisurely morning, getting up, feeding and changing the babies and then having a breakfast before it was time for their first nap. We had a great plan – wake them up at 11a and be out the door by noon. 🙂 This became a frantic – – – change diaper, feed them, lotion them up, do their hair, dress them and get out the door, oh – and remember the diaper bag, extra bottles, etc…

Near the end of this crazy time Micah seemed to have his first meltdown – a constant cry for 30 minutes regardless if we were holding him, rocking him, laying him on the bed, and then finally into a sling to carry him. (Sorry Micah – but with all the tears you were not the photogenic one of the day – so we have more pics of sissy) Once we got outside he all of a sudden calmed down – and promptly fell asleep before we even got into the van.

There were 3 families all going to Embassy together. Once there and within 15-30 minutes one of the families were called. About 2-5 minutes later the next family was called up. Then we sat. Our agency worker was walking around trying to peer into the windows (picture DMV office) of each worker to get their attention. Finally, he talked with someone. And then we sat some more… Finally they called us up and mentioned that there had been some confusion with our file but were now ready.

The Embassy worker noticed I was from Colorado and asked about our hometown and the fires. He was from Longmont and had been following the coverage. After some small talk about Colorado and how long he’d be in Ethiopia, he asked a few simple questions and then said that our file was complete. YEA!!!

The babies did great on the drive home and then we were back at our hotel room. The two dads from the other families went out and got pizza for us all to have dinner tonight, and then it was off to bed for my babies. Micah continued to have a rough time getting to sleep and staying asleep. All part of the adjustment and transition.

So thankful to be one step closer to being home!


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