2nd Trip – Day 4

With approximately 3-4 hours of total sleep last night for Tara or myself, we begin the day. I thought of that phrase that the days seem long, but the years go by quickly. I believe we’ll be seeing a lot of those long days in the near future. What a full day!

And what a precious day. This morning, Makeda woke up at 700a lying next to me and I quickly worked to get her to look at me and begin the day with smiles, and she was happy to oblige. What a sweet smily happy morning baby!! (although the pic below doesn’t show the amazing smiles!)

We had several minutes of fun just smiling and talking with each other, and then it was time for Micah to wake up. He awoke with a hesitant look, but then quickly replaced that look with a broad smile for mama. What a great start to the day!

Our day was filled with a lot of mundane things – feeding, changing, meals for us, nap times – for all of us, and more feedings and changings and sleeping. But it was wonderful to be with them each and every minute. Our poor little guy is on meds for bronchitis and is definitely not his happy go lucky self that we saw when we were here last time.

I’ll end this post with what you all really want to see – photos!

handsome dude

pretty princess

love this – he absolutely adores his sister and often looks over to just watch her – he’ll reach out and grab her hand or arm and just look at her

combed out her pretty curls

Tara entertaining them while I showered (watching the TV)

sweet sleeping in our nice room


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