2nd Trip – Day 3

After a good nights sleep, we went down for breakfast to get some great coffee, omelets and porridge. We came back up to the hotel room with plenty of time to shower, organize baby stuff and get ready for the day. Tara decided to singe her hair off while curling it, and looks like she is now giving herself layers in her hair. Nice.

Just before leaving to pick up the babies Tara prayed for us and our babies and this transition. So thankful for her love for our family. At 130p the Hannah’s Hope driver came to pick us up to go HH. Wow – the time is finally here! YEA! We went in with another family to take photos/video while they picked up their little guy, and then handed the video camera over to another guy, and Tara took the camera to follow me into my babies. Embafresu was of course, sleeping, and Aklil had woken up and was hanging out with one of the Special Mothers. Immediately when I walked in another SM began tearing up sad that she would have to say goodbye to A & E.  I stopped and hugged her and I just kept thinking how tough this must be for her and the others. They have loved on our babies so tirelessly and now they had to say goodbye.

I then went over and picked up Aklil from the other SM and he just smiled. So fun to see him and to see him so happy.

Then as I sat down in the rocking chair, they brought Embafresu to me – who was still very tired and confused since she was sleeping so well. Oh what a joy! I have both of my babies in my arms… forever!

We came back down to the common living room to walk through orientation with Almaz the HH director and discuss what would happen over the next few days. We had this meeting with 2 other families. It was funny to hear how one family asked about the feeding schedule at night for their little guy who is a month older than ours and has been their the same amount of time, and they feed him every 2-3 hours. Then Almaz looks over and says, but A & E are so healthy, we are no longer waking them up to feed them at night, just when they wake up do we feed them. ☺

We then went back up to their room, gathered their few belongings and a bottle for the road, and it was time to go. They did great in the car – just sat their nice and content. When we got back to the hotel, Tara and I just kept smiling at them and then each other – wow, so we’re here. Now what? After I changed their diapers, Aklil seemed to be getting tired and fussy, so fed him a bottle and he was asleep. Just then Embafresu started looking tired, fed her and she was asleep, of course, just in time for A to decide to wake up from his cat nap. Uh-oh. We’re gonna have to work on them sleeping at the same time. ☺

Talk about great babies – we went down for dinner and they both happily sat on our lap the whole time – from ordering, waiting, eating and talking a few more minutes with the other AGCI families. Then finally A let us know he was getting sleepy so we brought them back up, and I changed them, fed them and they were asleep by 830p. They have done so well!

… a few hours later

OK – so not as easy as the day had looked… 40 minutes after falling asleep little Makeda woke up and was definitely scared. What a hard thing to see. After 20 minutes though she calmed down nicely in my arms and went back to sleep. Micah on the other hand decided that since his sister woke up fussing he should do so – for the next 3+ hours. Actually we think he had a lot of gas build up and a tummy ache. At midnight when we got ready to feed him, she woke up so I quickly fed her too to try to keep them on the same schedule. Tara fed Micah since he was the most calm for the moment and in response to her feeding he promptly spit up about 3 ounces of food all over himself and Tara. Nice initiation.

What a day. It still seems amazing to have my babies here with me and know they are coming home with me.  For many today is Gotcha Day – the big day when we pick up our babies. However, my family is not complete yet – not until we are all in the same roof as a family of SIX! Looking forward to that day!



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