2nd Trip – Day 1 & 2

My precious husband and 2 oldest boys took me to the airport today to pick up our twins!!! On our way we picked up my friend, Tara, who was coming with me to help with the babies. Somehow, I can’t imagine traveling home with twins by myself. Go figure.

We had just said goodbye to my sweet boys and husband and got in line for security, and as we’re going through security putting laptops, etc on the belt, I momentarily forgot who I was flying with and said, Hey sweetie, can you put the laptop in that basket.  ☺ Gonna have to remember who I’m traveling with and not keep calling Tara sweetie!

We had an 1.5 hour delay in Colorado Springs sitting on the plane, because of thunderstorms in Chicago. Thankfully this was the only time we had a delay because we had a 4 hour layover in Chicago planned. When we did get there and had about 2 hours for a layover, we got some yummy Chicago style pizza, picked up Garrett’s popcorn, and Vosges chocolates – top priorities, right!?!

Our next flight was from Chicago to Frankfurt. Premier status has it’s perks – we got moved up to Economy Plus – not honestly much different, but more leg room (which doesn’t really make a difference considering my height, right!? When we got on the plane there was a mom with 3 children and a grandma that did not have seats next to each other. We had 2 seats behind her 3 children. The attendant asked if we would be willing to change seats (still in Economy Plus) and if so he said he’d give us a drink. I missed what he said and then Tara told me – I laughed and let her know that on these international flights the drinks are normally free. ☺ However, I had forgotten that it was a United flight not a Lufthansa flight – so they actually weren’t free. But as soon as the plane took off he came over, and asked what we wanted. Tara got a beer and I got a Bailey’s over ice. (2 small bottles to be exact). We thought that was very nice of him and then dinner came and he brought us more! Ya, don’t need all that. Finally dinner was over and he came over and asked if we wanted more – ya, don’t think so.  We had an easy connection in Frankfurt. Grabbed one of the great focaccia, basil, mozzarella, tomato sandwiches and got on the next plane. We then had a quick stop in Sudan (this time I was prepared for that stop and there was no sand storm), and then made it to Addis Ababa on time at 900p.

(After reading the above couple of paragraphs you’d think food was a priority or something!)

What a fun trip – and enjoyable to travel with my good friend of 17 years. So nice to get checked into our hotel smoothly and get our itinerary saying ‘pick up babies on Tuesday’. YEA!! Cannot believe we’re finally here and I get to pick up my babies…forever!


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