Church to Church (C2C) Ethiopia Partnership

Our home church has a great partnership with the Mehale Ketema Kale Hiwot Church in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.

The program, Church to Church (C2C), started a few years ago as a pilot program with Compassion. With Compassion International’s sponsorship programs they work directly through churches. The partnership comes when a church in a developed country partner with a church in a developing country.

Since 2010 our church has been connected with Mehale Ketama. Each year when children come up for sponsorship our church has first priority to see if someone in our congregation would like to sponsor those children. When we started in 2010 we were sponsoring 4 kids out of their almost 300 child program. Today we (those from our congregation) sponsor over 145 children in the 300 child program!!

As we do annual trips to Ethiopia we have the unique privilege to visit these children and know who their sponsors are and give direct messages, hugs and support, and vice versa. As our partnership has grown, we continue to do more with Mehale Ketema with their outreach ministries, women’s and youth ministries and our hearts are being bonded together.

We have a website where we (our teams) post specifically about these trips.