Starfish Programme

This is an incredible program, much like a Compassion International or World Vision sponsorship. One thing we have really enjoyed is that a few times a year we are able to send items – backpacks, clothing, toys, Bibles with people headed over there, who personally hand them to the children/mums. We almost always receive pictures of this time, letters from them, drawings, etc. How exciting this last May (2008) to receive a letter from Pius, our child we sponsor who is 9 years old letting us know that he has accepted Christ into his heart. His mom, Rosette, continues to keep in touch with us as well and it is a joy to know this family. While there in 2005 we were able to spend some time with them.

The Starfish Story
Once there was a wise man who had a habit of walking on the beach early each morning.

One day, he saw a young boy far in the distance and as he got closer, the wise man called out, “Good Morning! May I ask what it is
you are doing?” The boy looked up and replied, “Throwing starfish into the ocean to save them.”

Seeing hundreds of starfish scattered along the shoreline, the wise man commented, “But you can’t possibly save them all!
There are far too many!”

With that, the boy reached down and picked up another starfish. He threw it into the ocean and replied, “It made a difference for that one.”

The Programme
The STARFISH PROGRAMME is a personal educational scholarship plan initiated in 2002 in Kampala, Uganda. It was started and is facilitated by volunteers in Colorado. The main recipients are motivated young mothers who have gone through crisis pregnancies, their children or other youth associated with Mirembe House (a home and center for crisis pregnancies). Uganda has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Africa. Both programs are social outreaches of Youth for Christ Uganda. Currently 74 young lives have been transformed through support of education and care provided by sponsors.

How To Help!
Become a monthly supporter – or send in a one-time financial gift and/or commit to pray and receive their monthly newsletter. MAKE CHECKS OUT TO: YFCI *
In the memo line write: Starfish Programme 44005

MAIL TO: Youth for Christ International * P.O. Box 4555 Englewood, CO 80155 (automatic withdrawal is also possible upon request)

*Youth for Christ Uganda, Mirembe House and the Starfish Programme are all tax-deductible under Youth for Christ International based in Colorado, USA

Questions? Email: or phone: 303-903-4714


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