Food! Yum! I have always enjoyed food! I grew up with both of my grandmas loving to cook and bake and my mom has followed suit. I’ve watched my eating styles and cooking styles change over the course of the years, but one thing has stayed the same. My love to cook!

The last several years my recipes have been on this personal site, and with more and more traffic to those posts, I thought I would start my own website that is exclusively about cooking. 

Over the last 3-4 years myself and a few friends have had a cook group. We meet once a month, create several dishes that we can all take home, freeze and pull out on that crazy night that invariably happens at least once a week. Creative cooking – and time saving! So I’ve tied all of this into a new site with all my recipes. Same great recipes – along with some great new ones as well! And if you’re looking for some ways to have meals on hand for those busy times – check out how a small cook group (or even doing it on your own one day), can really help out throughout the week.