Jonah is in Pre-School

This season has truly had many changes. Twins came home in July, Noah started Kindergarten in August and now Jonah begins Pre-School. And at least at the moment we are doing all we can to embrace it. For my sweet Jonah however, the last two weeks have brought some big challenges. He now has a

Noah is in Kindergarten

Really? Did I just say that? My sweet ‘baby’ boy is now 5 and in school! This summer has been a whirlwind with bringing home our sweet babies, and now we’ve entered the whirlwind of school supplies, school uniforms, snack bags for school, drop off and pick up in a huge car-line, and yes, even

Three Weeks Home

Wow – what a whirlwind the last 3 weeks has been! The days seem to go on forever and are so long, and then I’m amazed at how fast 3 weeks has gone. There has been so much growth and change over the last few weeks and I’d love to share some highlights along with

2nd Trip – Coming Home

This was truly a journey like none other I’ve ever been on. 2 adults – 2 babies – 30 hours of bus ride, airports, plane rides and car ride home. As we started out we talked about how important humor was going to be, because if we did not have the humor we’d probably be

2nd Trip – Day 6

What a busy day – our last day in Ethiopia before heading home! Since Tara had never been to Ethiopia before and had pretty much only been in the hotel room, airport and Embassy office, I really wanted her to get out a little bit. So another adoptive family was going shopping and I made

2nd Trip – Day 5

Today is our embassy day! The day the US recognizes our adoption as full and final! I remember not long after Jonah was born that we would have an appointment and I would give ourselves a little extra time since there was one more child and then all of a sudden find myself rushing around

2nd Trip – Day 4

With approximately 3-4 hours of total sleep last night for Tara or myself, we begin the day. I thought of that phrase that the days seem long, but the years go by quickly. I believe we’ll be seeing a lot of those long days in the near future. What a full day! And what a

2nd Trip – Day 3

After a good nights sleep, we went down for breakfast to get some great coffee, omelets and porridge. We came back up to the hotel room with plenty of time to shower, organize baby stuff and get ready for the day. Tara decided to singe her hair off while curling it, and looks like she

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