Where Are We Going?

This, almost always, is the question we first get… that is, after the look of, “What? Are you crazy? Or, “What? That is so cool!”

Our hope is to make it to 35 states. We plan to leave from Colorado mid-May 2018, and head straight to northern CA. We will then make our way through Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana the first 2+ months. After which we head east throughout the northern states, making our way to the New England states for prime fall time.

We will then make our way down to Florida to be with family for Christmas and enjoy the warmer temps into January. We’ll then head up throughout many of the southern states. By the end of March we expect to be around Texas, and then make our way further west through New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. By late May 2019 we hope to finish our time in south California, go through Nevada and Utah more, and then southwest Colorado by early July.

Because of so many family members being in the middle of the US and the Midwest, we do not plan to hit many of those states on this trip. Hawaii and Alaska – out of the question. With Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, and Black Hills of South Dakota not being too far from home, that’s a trip we hope to make at another point. The remaining states would be great to stop in, but this far out it’s too hard to tell what will be possible. We want to be able to enjoy the states we do make it through!

Obviously this is just an overview… what we’ll be doing in each of those states will definitely be shared as time goes on. Do you live in one of these states? Could we see you? Or friends, do you want to join us at some places you hope to visit sometime???

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