Unexpected goodness

Goodness we had no idea what an incredible week we might have when we made it to Klamath Falls and the Redwoods. Our campground was a little piece of heaven that we would all like to return to.

But first, let me tell you about our drive up from the Delta Loop. Our kids were extremely excited to hear that there was one more In and Out Burger restaurant in California before we left. Having only had it one other time (a week ago) we were shocked to see how excited they were to have it again.

As we left dinner we knew we only had about an hour or so to drive to get to a small town where we would overnight camp. Little did we know this little town was much much smaller than we expected as in no services around. We pulled in having only probably 15 miles left on our gas tank and it was about 8 pm. The next town was about 20 miles away. As we sat there contemplating what in the world we could do we saw is 4 people next to there logging building. We pulled up and asked how close we were to a gas station. They let us know we were 20 miles either direction. As a couple people are sitting on the top of this truck bed and the other two standing, one reached over and grabs the spigot and says, “but I have some red dye fuel right here, can we get you some to get you on your way?” They then proceed to fill our tank to almost half full and then let us know that their parking lot can be used for us to overnight if we want. We pull in the parking lot, find a level spot and notice, the people are now gone. Not another soul in sight for the evening. We are so thankful for God’s provision! Two little deer hung out in the field across the way that evening and in the morning they were both still there. Noah, who was really hesitant about these strangers and staying in the lot, said the two deer were God’s angels watching over us.

So our time in Klamath Falls… Wow! We were one exit away from where you can drive through one of the beautiful Redwood trees. The other direction we were one exit away from one of the Redwood parks. Here we did a couple different trails on a couple different days and the kids did their first Junior Ranger program booklets and got their first badges. It is truly beautiful and stunning. These trees are magnificent.

Even though we came here specifically for the Redwoods our two biggest highlights were not actually the Redwoods. The first was the fact that we were two miles from the coast on a little road past our campground and the kids got to play in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was at the mouth of where the river enters into the ocean so there was a sandbar keeping part of our waters a little more safe for playing in. In any given moment you could see 20 to 30 seals playing in the waters directly in front of you. We also sat and saw a few whale spouts. This was the place the kids consistently asked to go just about every day. It was so so nice peaceful and relaxing.

The other incredible thing we loved at this place were a people. First, the staff was amazing and over Memorial Day weekend they had a barbecue with all the fixings and drinks we needed for a meal together followed by a little soccer, tetherball and ping pong competitions…

Mom got a little excited to play in the ping ping competition and ended up walking away being the winner of the campground!

The other really nice thing was that there was coffee all day long for free for everyone. The guy who ran the coffee shop also made fabulous cookies which he generously shared sometimes even if we hadn’t paid for any. Jonah was enthralled with the Bigfoot that joined us and met us as he had been wishing we would see a Bigfoot while we were here at the Redwoods. And the kids loved the Big Foot Dropping cookies 🙂 Chocolate cookies with chocolate chips.

Just a couple hours after getting to the campground site we ran into another full-time family on the road. They have two children 9 and 6 years old. This was such a highlight for the kids and for us adults. They’ve been on the road for seven months and we learned so much from them. Sunday morning we all chose to do camp fire church for our two families. There is nothing like connecting with others who love the Lord.

We also had several other neighbors around this camp site that was such a joy to get to know. One had a couple dogs and they consistently let our kids take them on walks which especially made Micah smile! They came to the beach one day as well and ran into us and those dogs were so happy to see my kids. Another couple that were our neighbors for a couple of days ended up leaving the same day we did for the same exact campground at Crater Lake.

We’ve had a couple quick days to go up to Crater Lake and see this stunning lake wrapped around where a volcano had once erupted and then collapsed. It is truly beautiful.

We are all so surprised how quickly 3 weeks on the road has gone. Yesterday we left California and now are in Oregon for about 3 weeks. It’s been an adjustment for sure as we are learning so much but it is also been so wonderful. Our kids shared yesterday that they felt like they’ve only been on the road a few days. We are grateful. We are thankful!

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