The long drive out…

As we laid out the plans for our year long road trip we initially thought we would take about a month getting out to the northern part of California and enjoying everything between Colorado and CA. Re-thinking of all that we could see further away from Colorado and knowing there’s always a possibility of a shorter vacation trip once we are back home, we changed our plans to just get outta Dodge!

This new trip now includes 2 days of driving 16 hours, showing up in Reno for Mother’s Day and then Monday doing the last leg of the trip to get in to Northern California.

Needless to say these first few days have brought about a lot of firsts and we know we are on a steep learning curve! Here’s a fun few things we have learned:

  • This one comes from Makeda 1 hour into our drive… Makeda said to Noah, “Look what I did, I can stick a Tic Tac up my nose”! Only to discover she truly got it stuck! With a little advice from everyone and a lot of laughing it finally came out… Needless to say there was orange everywhere!
  • when driving through the mountains leaving Wyoming entering Utah in a rainstorm and the driver side windshield wiper stops be incredibly thankful for a rest area to pull over at. Jay was a rockstar and fixed it and while that was going on the rain had lessened. We had a fun walk up to our first history lesson on the road… Jonah who loves history, was so intrigued by the oxen, the gentle giant, and how he would have traveled over these mountains pulling everyone in covered wagons who would not have cover for the rain. Meanwhile, Noah found a cluster of baby prairie dogs. Momma prairie dog even sniffed the grass from Noah’s hands while the little ones ran around.

  • another thing we learned about were the amazing salt flats in Utah… Had no idea. We loved getting out and about and running around. Micah and Makeda couldn’t resist getting down and tasting the salt!

  • this lesson came from Kimberly… Never store your Biofreeze roll on next to your deodorant roll on. I’ve been running around like a chicken for the last few minutes!
  • cinnamon delights from Taco Bell are the bomb!
  • this wasn’t actually something new we learned, but rather were reminded of… Long road trips bring out the crazy.

After two nights at Walmart parking lots which by the way we’re really nice nights we stayed at our first host family of Boondockers Welcome. This family lived in Reno and we had such an incredible time…

They were excellent guide to guiding Jay and the big trailer back into our parking spot, gave us information about the area and then they also invited invited us to join them at their for out that night for a little while. During the day we went to the Planetarium which concluded our science study from this past semester. We also went out to a fun family restaurant that Rachel and actually told us about.

The next day we finished the final leg of our long drive out and made it to the Delta Loop area of California between Sacramento in San Francisco. Home, for the next six days.

For those wondering and for those of you who have asked, here is what our hope is for the next 2 months… Northern California for about 2 and 1/2 weeks, followed by 3 weeks in Oregon, then 3 weeks in Washington, a week in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and then over to Montana for Glacier National Park by mid-July.


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