The big adventure interview

We asked our kids what they were looking forward to on this upcoming adventure, here are their responses.

So what are the parents looking forward to?

Jay: I’m looking forward to intentional quality time with family, realtime life lessons, hands on education around the US, drive by ministry opportunities, visiting a vast variety of churches, visiting friends & family on the road and the adventure of exploring this country and land that was founded by men and women who followed Jesus and desired to create a place where people could worship God freely. It is very hard to thinking about leaving my amazing community in Colorado, but I continue to tell myself that it’s a short time and only a season.

Kimberly: On Monday just a few days before leaving for our trip I had the three youngest children walking with me to pick Noah up from his standardized testing. It was only half a mile from home and as we were walking the kids were enjoying the dandelions and how they left a yellow powder on your nose and they were enjoying the white fluffy seedlings that they could blow as they made a wish. Knowing that Noah’s testing finished at noon and that we only had a couple minutes I kept telling them, let’s hurry let’s hurry we’ve got to get to the school, we don’t have much time. At that moment I began to really look forward to a perk of being on this road trip… Not having a watch, a time commitment that needs us somewhere, a strict daily schedule. Yes we will have places to go, occasional camping reservations that need to be held, but in general we will not be working with six different people schedules and all the extracurricular activities that keep us hopping. Yes, this would be something I am looking forward to.


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