Saying See Ya Later…

We are blessed and I mean truly blessed. Blessed with community, family and friends… and so much more.
Th last 2 weeks before leaving for our trip were crazy stressful in getting our home(s) ready, but incredibly sweet special times as well. My parents came out a couple of weekends ago for Noah’s birthday and Jonah’s baptism. We have incredibly supportive families and I know that is not always the case. Our parents are always here for us and we are so thankful.
Over 11 years ago, we were still in Denver, praying God would open the doors for us to move closer to the Springs because of our great community of friends that Kimberly has had since the late 1990’s. We finally moved to our Monument home and over the years this group of friends has added to the group and changed us, but what has always been constant is that we are there for each other in the midst of everything. Jim and Jill recently joined our group and also very recently got a new home, so they opened up their house for a special time of us all being together. We can’t even begin to express truly how impactful, important and special this group is! We love you guys!
When we moved to Monument, we had also prayed that we would have an amazing neighborhood, and we found it. Even though that was 10 years ago, we still have, until recently, been able to say we’re one of the newest on the street. This means longevity of neighbors we can trust, kids having a constant playdate, and us adults enjoying quality time throughout the years. We’re so thankful knowing our home is in good hands and is being watched, and we’re so thankful we have an amazing neighborhood to come back to.
Another prayer when moving was that we would find the church that God would have us be in – one that focused on international and local missions, one where we could serve and grow, one that was community focused, one where we would connect with fellow followers of Christ – both us as adults and our kids… Again, God provided and we are so thankful for our connections there.
The night before we left we had an open house for people to come see Big Jed, our home for the year, and more importantly for us to say “see you later” to our friends, some of which are going to join us in different places along our route! YAY!!
We have so much to be thankful for and of course so much that we will miss while we are away. All of you are in our hearts and our prayers. We love you all!

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