In Oregon – Loving the Pacific

What can I say? Oregon captured the hearts of all of us. In the words of Noah, “Mom, I could live here in Oregon, this is a great place… Well, as long my friend Jeremiah was here, I would like living here”.

What’s funny, is that I, Kimberly, lived here in Oregon for eighteen months many years ago. While I recognized it’s beauty, a tough season in life led me to be incredibly thankful to be back in Colorado and to get out of Oregon. This time I had fresh eyes and my WHOLE family truly enjoyed. For those getting concerned, no, we do not want to live here 😀, but we would sure love to come back for several weeks again and visit more… Here’s a few highlights, and then I’ll let pics say the rest!

  • Pacific ocean! Kids LOVED it and couldn’t get enough of ocean time!
  • Jonah could not get enough crab!
  • Crater Lake was beautiful.
  • My parents came out for a visit (mom for two weeks, dad for one. We are so blessed)!
  • Champoeg area is a beautiful location in Oregon, full of vineyards and farms.
  • Canby ferry ride is still fun, super small and quaint. Kids could not believe we were going to get in that thing and ride on it and bring our truck!!!
  • Loved the fresh fruit, and berry picking.
  • 10 waterfalls in 7.5 miles… Silver Falls is the gem of Oregon!
  • Makeda loved her fish and chips and asked for it anytime she has a chance.
  • Seeing my old places… My apartment, my job, my church, and even saw my old chiropractor, who is Dr Hartwell. Fun to share we now share the same last name.
  • Did I mention the beach, sand, water, sun and some rain?!?
  • Mo’s restaurant is still an excellent place to eat… My favorite location is Newport, try the crab sandwich.
  • Family, family, family!

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