Gotta Have a Name

As we brought home our huge 5th wheel, we have continuously referred to it as, and have heard our friends also say something along the lines of… it’s huge, it’s a beast! And we are all right… it is a beast! But I think I’d like to refer to it as something else along the way.

As we began to discuss potential names with the kids, one recommended the name, Bear. This brought up pictures in our mind of yelling to the kids to get to the Bear and having other campers freaking out, looking for a bear… maybe not.

We finally pulled up a list of names meaning ‘strong/big’ and narrowed our list to Big Jed or Maximus (Max) – they mean strong, manly, greatest. We all voted and were unanimous…

So a little back story has to take place here. When Jay and I first began dating we had a long conversation about different languages. Jay’s aunt is from Norway, my grandparents were from Poland, we’ve both traveled to many different parts of the world before knowing each other, so we talked about Llugandan, Arabic, Spanish, etc. Well, the first time Jay told me he loved me he told me it in Norwegian – Jeg Elsker Deg – (yay-ehelsker-die). Throughout the years, it has ben common for us to say I love you to each other in Norwegian (along with other languages). And it’s also common in our texts to just say the abbreviations of the Norwegian phrase to each other… JED.

We shared this with the children (who have never heard it before, or haven’t understood our ‘code’ words), explained what it meant, and all agreed this has to be our name of our 5th wheel. Big Jed… big love.

Any of you care to share the names for your campers and why?

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