Fulltime RV – Motorhome or 5th wheel?

We started with a dream, then into the planning. Planning commonly entails the what, when, where and how. The “how” will always involve the what. How are we going to live and what are we going to live in. Then began the journey of discussing and exploring the many options for this intentional, once in a lifetime trip. I must say, it’s good to have a diverse group of friends, friends that own and are knowledgable with various camping equipment from popup trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, bumper pulls, tents, etc…

We have always camped in a tent, until recently that is, when we upgraded to the coolest ride I’ve ever owned – a 1974 VW Westfalia Camper Bus (the Ol’Westy we named it)! I’ve always liked VW’s and I have owned several VW bugs throughout my life, but never have I been a bus owner. It’s been a great ride and a lot of fun!

A fun quick story, while camping in the Ol’Westy a couple of summers ago, talking about our dream, we saw Noah’s mind turning. Then he hesitantly asks the question, looking at the bus, “are we taking the Ol’Westy on our big road trip for a year?” We smiled and reassured him that we’ll get something a little bigger.

So, the question remains, what will we be living in? We’ve gone back and forth on this question. We’ve discussed pros and cons of the various options. We walked through many scenarios and situations where this option is better than that option. What do we see will accommodate our family the best? To answer this, we came to the following points.

1. We will be doing more “living” than driving
2. We would rather maintain one engine than 2
3. Cost per size for a family of six

With these points in mind, a fifth wheel toy hauler or bunk house fits the mold. In one our next posts, we’ll share more details around the decision of 5th wheel travel.


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