Beautiful Vermont

Goodness there is so much to explore in Vermont! One week was definitely not enough time and this state is definitely one that’s on our list for coming back to someday…. we would have loved to have done more hiking and exploring in the mountains but weather truly did not allow for it. And weather prohibited us from getting too many pictures of beautiful fall foliage. We had two sunny days, multiple days of heavy rain which were then followed by muddy, damp cloudy days. But it was wonderful.

Here’s a quick look at what we discovered… First when you have the good weather take advantage of it… which we did by bike riding along the beach and town, picnicking and playing by the beach on Lake Champlain and walking around their cute town. Our rainy days included so many great tours… we visited a maple sugar farm (with cremees… Maple soft serve ice cream), a chocolatier factory, we visited the ECHO Science Center, a snowboard making tour, an apple cider mill factory with of course, apple cider donuts, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Tour, Cabot cheese factory tours and the Von Trapp Family Lodge! Whew! It felt like a whirlwind but we all enjoyed so much (it also feels like we gained a few pounds!)!

Truly would love to come back up and explore this state again… what a great great place!

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