Noah Hartwell

About Noah
Noah is a such a wonderful little boy. He has such a sweet disposition – happy, content, well-behaved. He is often a charmer and a ham. Recently someone said he was either going to be a salesman or a pastor, because of his way with people.

Noah – meaning a righteous man of God. His middle name, Jay, is after his daddy. The first name – Noah – was actually chosen by him. We had 3 names for a boy when we went to the hospital. Once he was born, Jay knew immediately it was not one of the names (Micah). After an hour or two we asked this little baby if he wanted to be named Noah – and in his funny little way – he nodded his head up and down. We then asked if he wanted to be called the other name, and he sat with a solemn face. Guess he won’t be able to complain about the name he has!


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