Hawaii – The Big Island

This year (2006) for an early Christmas family time together, Kimberly’s mom and dad and us went to Hawaii. This was the first time we had been to any of Hawaii and we stayed on the Big Island which includes Kona and Hilo. We stayed on the Kona side and had a wonderful condo to stay in near the beach. Apparently, our side of the island was the bright, sunny more dry side, the other was the very wet, lush side. We could actually drive half way over to the other side and all of suddent enter the clouds and rain. We relaxed quite a bit, but also got out and saw a few things – volcano – lava rock, waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, and just the overall beauty. The guys did some deep sea fishing one day and us girls had a great day at the spa. Overall, we had a really great time.


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