Arizona 2009

What a great road-trip for our family! When we first discussed this, Jay was not so sure he wanted a 15 hour each way road trip with 2 children under 3. Hmmm, wonder why?!?! Well, it proved to be a wonderful trip. I think having Grandma & Grandpa in the minivan with us really helped our boys to have the extra company!

We left the Springs and took a wonderfully long scenic road through Colorado – going through Gunnison, Montrose and then down through Cortez and then finally making it to 4-corners. During the drive, we followed the wonderful creeks, with beautiful fall leaves, big horn sheep, and just the beauty of God’s creation.

After visiting 4-corners, we went to the Grand Canyon. I’m sure you could go back multiple times and just be in awe of it. We were there during sunset and it continuously changes its colors and look. 

The next leg of our journey was 3 wonderful days in Sedona, AZ. We stayed at a wonderful resort with swimming pools and activities for the kids. On one of our days there we took a trip to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. What a great time. We took a safari, saw a cirtters show, and watched tigers splash in a pool with their caretakers. The caretakers do a wonderful job of playing with them, while still remembering they are wild.

Our final leg of our journey was down to Surprise, AZ to see my moms family. We saw all 3 of her sisters and their families. It was such a wonderful time. I haven’t seen them since 2000/2001, so they had not yet met my husband and boys. We really enjoyed this special time with them. After a great time there we did the unthinkable – a 15 hour drive in one day! With 5-6 hours left in the trip we thought we’d see how the boys were doing and whether we should stay overnight, but they actually fell asleep and didn’t wake up untnil carried to their beds.

We had a great road trip and now we might actually consider more! = )


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