Thanksgiving 2009

This year, we made plans to go down to Florida to be with Jay’s family. Jay’s only brother and his family live there and then his parents as well. Both set of our parents get along so well that over the last several months they talked about having my (Kimberly’s) parents come out to Florida sometime. What a great treat to have us all together. Our sister-in-law hosted Thanksgiving at her house and her parents and brother and family also came.

After a couple of days in Ruskin we headed down to Pine Island, where Jay’s aunt and uncle live and some of his cousins were visitng them. The kids had a ball fishing (so did the guys) and we spent a few days there being with family. We spent the next couple of days at Disney World – Epcot Center and the Animal Kingdom. It was really fun. Noah thought most things were too loud, and Jonah was so excited he was bouncing in his stroller everywhere we went. After all of those fun times we spent a couple more days hanging out in Ruskin, before heading home.


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