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Guest Post: Lauren Casper

I’ve asked a few ladies from our AGCI group to write a little blog post on how their adoption process has gone in regards to bonding/attaching and their own cocooning experience. My hope is that as you read these stories, it will give you a glimpse into what we have coming up for our families!


A couple of days ago I wrote a bit about attachment. I hope you gleaned from that post that (generally speaking) many institutionalized (orphanage) adopted children have deep losses that have to be recognized and healed. As parents, we can play a large part in this healing process, although we know that God alone heals

Imagine for a Moment

This is a quick story that was read to us during our adoption training to help us understand the bonding-attachment issues that children can face coming home to a new place. The term ‘bonding-attachment’ isn’t always understood, and it’s not always easy to explain. But please consider reading this as we begin to prepare for

Attachment & Bonding

While we’re waiting to bring our babies home, I thought I’d share a little about what we will be working on once our babies are home. There are some buzz words in adoption that we have come to learn a lot about, one being attachment/bonding. What is “Attachment/Bonding”?This is something that MOST families who are

Submitted to Embassy

Wonderful, wonderful news today! Our file has been submitted to the US Embassy. They will now need to open our file, research our case, make sure things have been handled correctly and ethically, potentially interview involved peoples in our case, and then clear us for travel. The current trend in our agency group is for

Baby Showers

Our dear friends, church community and family have spoiled us. We landed back in the US on Wednesday night, the 6th, and Friday afternoon my parents showed up with our oldest boys! It was SUCH a joy to see them and just hug them, love them and play with them. A couple hours later, my

Now What’s Next?

We have been home for 1 week now, and of course, we’re back to the question, “What’s Next?” So I thought I’d update you a little. When were there in Ethiopia we passed court on May 31 and heard the wonderful words “A & E are all yours”. With those great words, you turn around,

1st Trip – Day 13 & 14

Tuesday, June 5 We started this morning with a wonderful breakfast with Philips wife Alice and Jethro. I have to say, I love the Uganda/African culture when it comes to raising children. The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” is truly seen. Kimberly was holding Jethro to give Alice a chance to

1st Trip – Day 12

Monday, June 4 Today we had the pleasure of seeing our 2 boys that we sponsor through the Starfish Programme (YFC program) with how101. Our first visit was in the YFC office with Joshua who is almost 6. We have not met him before but had the opportunity to meet with him and his mom.