2nd Trip – Day 5


Today is our embassy day! The day the US recognizes our adoption as full and final!

I remember not long after Jonah was born that we would have an appointment and I would give ourselves a little extra time since there was one more child and then all of a sudden find myself rushing around because clearly I did not just need a ‘little’ extra time. :) This morning, was a leisurely morning, getting up, feeding and changing the babies and then having a breakfast before it was time for their first nap. We had a great plan – wake them up at 11a and be out the door by noon. :) This became a frantic – – – change diaper, feed them, lotion them up, do their hair, dress them and get out the door, oh – and remember the diaper bag, extra bottles, etc…

Near the end of this crazy time Micah seemed to hav...

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2nd Trip – Day 4


With approximately 3-4 hours of total sleep last night for Tara or myself, we begin the day. I thought of that phrase that the days seem long, but the years go by quickly. I believe we’ll be seeing a lot of those long days in the near future. What a full day!

And what a precious day. This morning, Makeda woke up at 700a lying next to me and I quickly worked to get her to look at me and begin the day with smiles, and she was happy to oblige. What a sweet smily happy morning baby!! (although the pic below doesn’t show the amazing smiles!)

We had several minutes of fun just smiling and talking with each other, and then it was time for Micah to wake up. He awoke with a hesitant look, but then quickly replaced that look with a broad smile for mama. What a great start to the day!

Our day...

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2nd Trip – Day 3


After a good nights sleep, we went down for breakfast to get some great coffee, omelets and porridge. We came back up to the hotel room with plenty of time to shower, organize baby stuff and get ready for the day. Tara decided to singe her hair off while curling it, and looks like she is now giving herself layers in her hair. Nice.

Just before leaving to pick up the babies Tara prayed for us and our babies and this transition. So thankful for her love for our family. At 130p the Hannah’s Hope driver came to pick us up to go HH. Wow – the time is finally here! YEA! We went in with another family to take photos/video while they picked up their little guy, and then handed the video camera over to another guy, and Tara took the camera to follow me into my babies...

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2nd Trip – Day 1 & 2


My precious husband and 2 oldest boys took me to the airport today to pick up our twins!!! On our way we picked up my friend, Tara, who was coming with me to help with the babies. Somehow, I can’t imagine traveling home with twins by myself. Go figure.

We had just said goodbye to my sweet boys and husband and got in line for security, and as we’re going through security putting laptops, etc on the belt, I momentarily forgot who I was flying with and said, Hey sweetie, can you put the laptop in that basket.  ☺ Gonna have to remember who I’m traveling with and not keep calling Tara sweetie!

We had an 1.5 hour delay in Colorado Springs sitting on the plane, because of thunderstorms in Chicago...

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Introducing Our Twins

img_8859web size

who are 3 1/2 months old…

Micah Aklil Hartwell (meaning: who is like God, the crown of the family)

Makeda Embafresu Hartwell (meaning: beautiful, against all odds she made it)
Makeda is believed to be the name of the Queen of Sheba who visited King Solomon

Born March 18, 2012

(these were taken from our first trip with them – and yes, they have grown!)

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We Are Picking Up our Babies!!!

Today I (Kimberly) and my friend Tara are on our way to pick up my twins! SOOOO, soooo, sooo excited!!!

Jay is staying home with our boys and Jay’s parents will come out this week to also help with the boys! Cannot believe that in 6 days we will have our family of 6 all under one roof!!! WOOHOO!!!

During this waiting process of our adoption there has been a Scripture that I have clung to, as a reminder that everything works in God’s time, and while I might feel that things have been slow or even delayed… they have actually indeed been in God’s perfect time.

“The message I give you waits for the time I have appointed. It speaks about what is going to happen. And all of it will come true. It might take a while but wait for it. You can be sure it will come. It will happen when I want it to...

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Our Bonding & Attaching Plan

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about our adoptive friends and families and how God has worked mightily in the lives of them and their precious ones from Ethiopia! I love to hear their stories and throughout these last 2 years we have learned so much from those that have already been at this stage in the adoption journey. There have been those that have gone through so much hurt and pain in the midst of their adjustment as a family, and yet after months of toughness, they can see healing and trust and love. There have been those that have said that it hardly even felt like an adjustment as things went so smoothly...

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Guest Post: Rebekah McGee

This is a sweet girl from AGCI who is IN the process of cocooning. They have only been home a couple months with their darling 8 month old boy. Check out their site for more great information.

I’ve gotten several requests for an update on my thoughts on cocooning. We have been over home six weeks now and we are starting to branch out a bit. At this point, Israel has met his grandparents (separate blog post to come!) and we have slowly begun emerging from the cocoon to meet other friends and family.

Cocooning for us meant that we kept Israel from being overstimulated. He gets really anxious in new places and around new people. There are some things that couldn’t be avoided, like doctor visits, but for the most part we kept his outside interactions very minimal...

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Guest Post: Danielle George


Oh my goodness – this is one of our dear AGCI friends that we actually got to meet in person! Her husband and her were in Denver last December and we got to spend some time with them. They travel at least yearly to Denver so we expect to see more and more of each other and they live in Utah so hopefully w can make a trip out there sometime. Danielle received her referral last June and when she did, she called me within a few hours to let us know that we were ‘unofficially’ #1 on our sibling list! We have shared a lot of joys and a lot of tears on the phone together. So thankful for our friendship and that we get to do this journey together!

Attachment, Cocooning, Bonding…words we knew nothing about when we started our adoption process two and half years ago...

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Guest Post: Leigh Ladd

ladd fall family photo 1

I love this girl, Leigh. We have followed each others adoption journeys and blogs and share a love for cooking :) I’ve so enjoyed her sweet heart for her sweet boy. His smile is infectious! What a beautiful boy that has come so far in just a year! Check out their site for more information.

Before coming home with our son I had done all the research on attachment and cocooning.  I figured we would cocoon for 3 months and be good to go. It wasn’t until I met my son that I saw how deeply impacted he had been by all the losses in his young life.  We landed back home on June 18th, 2011 as first time parents to the most precious little 4 1/2 year old on the planet (I’m his mama, I can brag like that 😉 ).  We settled into our little world of cocooning and I realized that my sweet son was terrified...

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