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1st Trip – Day 13 & 14

Tuesday, June 5 We started this morning with a wonderful breakfast with Philips wife Alice and Jethro. I have to say, I love the Uganda/African culture when it comes to raising children. The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” is truly seen. Kimberly was holding Jethro to give Alice a chance to

1st Trip – Day 12

Monday, June 4 Today we had the pleasure of seeing our 2 boys that we sponsor through the Starfish Programme (YFC program) with how101. Our first visit was in the YFC office with Joshua who is almost 6. We have not met him before but had the opportunity to meet with him and his mom.

1st Trip – Day 11

Sunday, June 3 Sunday – a day of rest. We went to church today with Dickson and his family. Dickson and Jay met back in 2002 and became prayer partners. In 2005, we came here and had a wonderful time with Dickson, and I promised that my ‘prayer partner’ would be his future spouse and

1st Trip – Day 10

Saturday, June 2 What a beautiful day. Today we went to ‘the source of the’ Nile with our friend Philip, his wife Alice and their baby boy Jethro (who is just 2 days older than our twins). It was our first time to meet Alice and Jethro. In 2005 we met Philip, and then last

1st Trip – Day 9

Friday, June 1 We landed today in Uganda at …1:15am. Eeesh! Despite being weary we were so excited when we walked out of the airport and were greeted by two dear friends from Youth for Christ Uganda, (YFCU) Dickson and Mariam! It is SO wonderful to see good friends! And they were so gracious to

1st Trip – Day 8

Thursday, May 31 Today is our last day in Ethiopia for this trip and it seems strange to already be saying goodbye. Although we both keep reminding ourselves this is ‘see you later, not goodbye’. Today we went to HH and spent an absolutely wonderful morning with our babies. We brought them to the ‘private’

1st Trip – Day 7

Wednesday, May 30 So I’ll get to the court process first – we did not have a court hearing today. We left HH, drove 30 minutes, went up 4-5 flights of steps, sat down, and then they noticed a note posted on a door that said the judge was in a meeting and we need

1st Trip – Day 6

Tuesday, May 29 What a wonderful second day with our babies! Yesterday the HH director let us know that with our babies being so young, and not being confused too much with who we were, she expected that we could spend whatever time we had with our babies. Since we did our shopping yesterday afternoon

1st Trip – Day 5

Monday, May 28 The time FINALLY came. We got to see our babies today! This morning we were doing great… until we had been waiting for our driver to pick us up and they were 20 minutes late. Jay reminded me that we were on Africa time and I kindly let him know that I

1st Trip – Day 4

Sunday, May 27 Today we got to spend the time with friends.  Yoseph, who has been our Compassion guide on our previous trips picked us up this morning and we drove to Debre Zeit to go to church at our partnering church, Mehale Ketema Church. We love experiencing church in a different language. While you

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