Church to Church (C2C) Ethiopia Partnership

Our home church has a great partnership with the Mehale Ketema Kale Hiwot Church in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.

The program, Church to Church (C2C), started a few years ago as a pilot program with Compassion. With Compassion International’s sponsorship programs they work directly through churches. The partnership comes when a church in a developed country partner with a church in a developing country.

Since 2010 our church has been connected with Mehale Ketama. Each year when children come up for sponsorship our church has first priority to see if someone in our congregation would like to sponsor those children. When we started in 2010 we were sponsoring 4 kids out of their almost 300 child program. Today we (those from our congregation) sponsor over 145 children in the 300 child program!!

As we...

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Faces of the Forgotten

Faces of the Forgotten is a Google Earth project to explore the global plight of orphans. Using Google Earth technology, Loving Shepherd Ministries has developed an effective way to communicate the needs of orphans around the world to the Christian community.

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Loving Shepherd Ministries

Loving Shepherd Ministries is a Christ-centered ministry that is passionate about helping orphans and at-risk children. With all of the worthy causes that are out there today, why orphans? The answer is that orphans hold a special place in the heart of God. In over 50 places in Scripture, God commands us to defend the cause of the orphan. What else would we expect from a God who calls Himself a “father to the fatherless?” (Psalm 68:5)

The Mission of Loving Shepherd Ministries is to care for abandoned, orphaned, and at-risk children around the world and help others to do the same.

Our example is Jesus Christ as the loving shepherd in Isaiah 40:11 – “He shall feed His flock like a shepherd; He shall gather the lambs with His arms, and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those ...

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All God’s Children International – Adoption

For several years now, we have both felt God place a callin on our lives for adoption. Recently we have been researching different adoption agencies to see which might fit us best for when the time comes. All God’s Children International seems to be the fit for us at this point. We have had several conversations with them, and have seen some references. We also have some friends who are currently in the adoption process with this agency for the same country, Ethiopia, we are looking at adopting from.

One program we really like that they have is Hannah’s Hope. They run this center in Ethiopia and have loving caregivers there to take care of the children. This ministry center can be supported financially for the orphans currently living in the home...

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Compassion International

Compassion International is a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. Currently, they help more than 1 million children in 25 countries.

Wess Stafford is the president of Compassion, and spoke once at a conference that Kimberly & Jay worked on. What an incredible man of God, with such a soft, tender heart to the children throughout the world. We were so touched by his heart for these children, and now have a few precious children that we support and are in touch with on a very regular basis.

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Samaritan’s Purse

We have been so impressed by what we have seen from this ministry over the last few years. Samaritan’s Purse is a Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Their ministry has served to help the many needs of people all around the world with with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Along with projects such as Operation Christmas Child, they also have a Christmas Gift Catalog – where you can purchase items in honor of someone as their gift such as “teaching a child how to write”, “feeding a hungry baby for a week”, “family survival kits” and “Bible lessons for children”. We have gotten quite used to doing this for each other and some friends and family throughout the last few years...

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The Oshman Family – Okinawa, Japan

Mark & Jennifer Oshman have been serving in Okinawa, Japan for several years now with Cadence International. They direct a hospitality house known as The Harbor reaching out those in the US military community.

This ministry has a special place in Kimberly’s heart, as her family was deeply impacted by a similar ministry. Kimberly’s dad was in the military serving in Rota, Spain, when missionaries there, working with the US military, reached out to Ed & June, and they came to know the Lord through that ministry. Kimberly was just 2 years old when this change happened in her family, thus giving Kimberly a wonderful Christian home to grow up in.

Jay met Mark & Jennifer at Colorado Community Church in the early 2000’s, and we have stayed connected with them throughout these years.

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The Testa Family – Turin, Italy

Anthony & Nikki Testa have been serving with Great Commission Ministries in Turin, Italy since 2003. They have a ministry there of reaching out to the international students who attend the university there. They have a wide variety of ways in which they connect with the students – English language discussion groups, serving in a church that they have helped plan, hiking/camping leadership trips…

Their passion for their ministry is evident in all they do, and it is a joy to be a small part of what they are doing there.

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Starfish Programme

This is an incredible program, much like a Compassion International or World Vision sponsorship. One thing we have really enjoyed is that a few times a year we are able to send items – backpacks, clothing, toys, Bibles with people headed over there, who personally hand them to the children/mums. We almost always receive pictures of this time, letters from them, drawings, etc. How exciting this last May (2008) to receive a letter from Pius, our child we sponsor who is 9 years old letting us know that he has accepted Christ into his heart. His mom, Rosette, continues to keep in touch with us as well and it is a joy to know this family. While there in 2005 we were able to spend some time with them.

The Starfish Story
Once there was a wise man who had a habit of walking on the beach early each ...

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Colorado Community Church

Our home church while living in Aurora – we love the vision on Colorado Community Church. Below is one reason why…

5+5 Philosophy

The CCC Missions Director has conducted an investigation to provide some assurance to contributors that ministries on the 5+5 Ministry Partners lists is worthy of their support.

  • 5 + 5 Program
    We have adopted a unique concept for financial aid to mission organizations and to both short-term and career missionaries, geared to maximizing individual financial and hands-on participation.
  • Provisionally – You Give
    The 5 + 5 concept name is derived from the idea that people will give 5% of their income to the church operating budget and 5% to missions, for a total equal to a nominal tithe of 10%...
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