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Road Schooling

We have had so many people recently ask us about how our homeschooling is going on the road, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse into this ‘road-schooling’ life for our family. First, I must say that some of my standard ways of schooling over the last few years have um… gone right out

The long drive out…

As we laid out the plans for our year long road trip we initially thought we would take about a month getting out to the northern part of California and enjoying everything between Colorado and CA. Re-thinking of all that we could see further away from Colorado and knowing there’s always a possibility of a

Saying See Ya Later…

We are blessed and I mean truly blessed. Blessed with community, family and friends… and so much more. Th last 2 weeks before leaving for our trip were crazy stressful in getting our home(s) ready, but incredibly sweet special times as well. My parents came out a couple of weekends ago for Noah’s birthday and