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Makeda Hartwell

About Makeda Our princess! Oh does she have spunk. This girl is independent and such a leader. And in the midst of that, also watch out for that mischievous glimmer in her eyes! Makeda – means beautiful, or Queen of Sheba. Ethiopian historians claim that Makeda was the Queen of Sheba at the time of

Micah Hartwell

About Micah Our little guy, Micah, is anything but little! He’s a tough little guy who is ready to explore anything and everything. He is bold, he is a charmer, and he is ready to hang with his big brothers. Micah – means Who is like God. His middle name is Jean-Aklil. Jean, after his

Jonah Hartwell

About Jonah Jonah is our precious cuddly boy. He is a mamma’s boy. He is full of energy, lights up a room with his smile, and enjoys hamming it up! He enjoys his music and can often be found singing or humming a song. Jonah – meaning peace. His middle name, Dickson, is after a

Noah Hartwell

About Noah Noah is a such a wonderful little boy. He has such a sweet disposition – happy, content, well-behaved. He is often a charmer and a ham. Recently someone said he was either going to be a salesman or a pastor, because of his way with people. Noah – meaning a righteous man of

Pumpkin Patch

Each year since Noah was a year and a half, we have made it to our pumpkin patch in town. This was the last week day to make it and it was such a beautiful day, I was sure it was going to be VERY crowded. We got there right when it opened – and

Labor Day 2010

We LOVE our city and our state! Every year we have a huge balloon festival over Labor Day weekend. This year, my mom was able to enjoy it with us (while dad was at 8.28 in DC). As we were walking up to the park, we ran into some dear friends of ours, Dennis &

Zoo Time – Skunk!!

We continue to absolutely love our zoo! It is so interactive. For those of you who know me – I REALLY like skunks – they are just so stinking cute (no pun intended!). Honestly I thought of having a pet for a skunk someday – and almost did when I was 19. When we arrive

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