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Scott – Laramie WY

What a great way to spend the afternoon with my brother while waiting for his apartment keys to his new place!

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June 2010

Here’s some fun shots of our time with Sparky & Mammie.

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Arizona 2009

What a great road-trip for our family! When we first discussed this, Jay was not so sure he wanted a 15 hour each way road trip with 2 children under 3. Hmmm, wonder why?!?! Well, it proved to be a wonderful trip. I think having Grandma & Grandpa in the minivan with us really helped our boys to have the extra company!

We left the Springs and took a wonderfully long scenic road through Colorado – going through Gunnison, Montrose and then down through Cortez and then finally making it to 4-corners. During the drive, we followed the wonderful creeks, with beautiful fall leaves, big horn sheep, and just the beauty of God’s creation.

After visiting 4-corners, we went to the Grand Canyon. I’m sure you could go back multiple times and just be in awe of it...

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Fun with Family – Summer 2009

So far this summer we have been able to see several relatives. My cousin Meredith and her family came out for several days. My brother Scott came out for a couple of days to check out a job possibility 5 miles from where we live! And then we went to see family and friends in Kansas. We went to Kansas in the heat of the summer (what were we thinking?), to visit my mom while dad was fishing in Alaska. Thankfully we had a couple of days with him at the end of the trip – Noah would have been very bummed to not see him.

In another few weeks another cousin and family will also be coming out. Check back for more of those photos.

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March 2009 – Kansas

We spent about 10 days in Kansas hanging out with family and ‘showing off’ Jonah to friends and family. It was a nice, relaxing time.

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Past Times with Family

Since this is a new section on our website, this shows pictures from previous times together. Newer times with family/trips will be their own article.

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Hawaii – The Big Island

This year (2006) for an early Christmas family time together, Kimberly’s mom and dad and us went to Hawaii. This was the first time we had been to any of Hawaii and we stayed on the Big Island which includes Kona and Hilo. We stayed on the Kona side and had a wonderful condo to stay in near the beach. Apparently, our side of the island was the bright, sunny more dry side, the other was the very wet, lush side. We could actually drive half way over to the other side and all of suddent enter the clouds and rain. We relaxed quite a bit, but also got out and saw a few things – volcano – lava rock, waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, and just the overall beauty. The guys did some deep sea fishing one day and us girls had a great day at the spa. Overall, we had a really great time.

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