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Precious Boys

    We have had such a fun few days. A couple of days ago Jonah, Noah & I were reading a book together on the floor. Jonah was so exntranced watching his brother point out things at the book that he was just smiling away at Noah. All of a sudden Jonah let out


How exciting – we bought a minivan! We’ve been looking for a few weeks and narrowed our search down to 3 types of minivans, with the criteria that it had to have leather seats and power sliding doors. With kids, we decided seats that were easy to clean and doors that can be opened by a

New Past Time

Noah has found a new past-time – coloring! It’s been so fun to watch him come to a point where he wants to color now all the time. For months he would color at restaurants. And we’ve done some at home, but he was usually finished within just a couple of minutes. Now he LOVES


After several months of pregnancy and not necessarily cooking the best food or enjoying cooking to its fullest, I’m now anxious to get back into it and try some new recipes. Does anyone have a recipe to share with me? A couple of recipes I have stumbled upon recently that have been so good is

Happy Valentine’s Day

What a fun day we have had so far! It has been fun to anticipate what we might do with our family to celebrate Valentine’s. To see fun pictures from today, click here. This morning started out with heart shaped pancakes. Noah loves to help in the kitchen. Almost daily you’ll find him sitting up

Feeling at Ease

Now that we as a family have been on our own for a couple of weeks, and now that meals are no longer being brought over – it’s time to get settled into our routine. I must say, two weeks ago I was a little hesitant, but as of the end of last week, have

Update on Our Family

I know, I know – it has been a while since I’ve posted anything – and I’m getting calls about when I’m going to post more – especially pictures of this precious boy!! I’ve now posted 2 sets of photos that can be found under our family photo section of our children – one is

All Gone

I have a cute short story to share – we’re sitting at the dinner table tonight and Noah toots and says “toot, toot”. A few seconds later you can see he’s trying to toot again. This time he fails, and he looks up at all of us and with all seriousness and a wave of

No Baby Yet

So we have passed Friday night, we’ve even passed Saturday night and it’s now Sunday morning! This baby is reminding us that it is in God’s timing – no matter how much we want to see’em now. Tomorrow is the due date, and I really keep thinking this baby is coming before the due date.